Rejuvenate for Unity (and VitaTV support)

Thanks to work done almost entirely by Netrix (and also thanks to SMOKE for testing and modifications to the setup script), Rejuvenate is now supported on both PSM Unity and PSM Unity for VitaTV.

As always, you can find downloads to the latest version here as well as the source for VitaDefiler and UVLoader on GitHub.


Just like before, run SETUP.bat and follow the directions. If you are using PSM+, be sure to follow the directions where you get PSM+. To use on VitaTV, install the client on your Vita and then move the memory card to the VitaTV. I hear that mr.gas will release a method for client installation that does not require a Vita to install. Follow him on Twitter for details on that when the time comes.


Support will be provided in #vitadev on EFNet IRC. Netrix, who is responsible for the Unity port will be on there.

Enjoy and happy homebrewing!


  1. Ano

    Hi Yifan Lu,

    I want your honest opinion..,

    It’s been 4 years since the PS Vita was released. At first, I was quite annoyed and frustrated because there hasn’t been any progress (or so i felt) on the PS-Vita and basically they were turning the Vita into a PSP v2.0 (when you can practically buy a PSP for $50 and hack it), and that the Vita was being used for everything BUT the actual Vita itself, which I think defeats the entire purpose of having a PS-Vita (If I want any of the emulators, I have my PSP for that, rendering the Vita to be just an expensive paperweight).

    Then I read your articles and realized why it has been taking so long for the Vita to actually be “hacked” and I feel somewhat educated. But I want you to tell me honestly Yifan Lu:

    Is there any hope for the PS-Vita to be hacked at all, and be able to ever run CFW and play PS-Vita ISOs? Or will the PS-Vita never be able to play ISOs ever? I feel like at this point in time, the PS-Vita will be the first console to never be able to be hacked and if that does happen, I will be majorly disappointed. I have been in the modding community for almost all my life and the PS-Vita has been nothing but a disappointment for the last 4 years. I don’t really care for homebrew (as stated by my reasons above), and in my eyes, until the PS-Vita can actually run PS Vita ISOs and allow full-kernel access, then hacking wise, the PS-Vita will always be a failure.

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