Rejuvenate Public Beta Release

Rejuvenate, announced last week allows users to install unofficial applications and games (homebrew) onto their PS Vita device. Please read that announcement post for more information. Today, the public beta is ready for testing.

The beta is only for those who were able to obtain a publisher’s license (whose application was approved by Sony before the deadline on May 31). For the rest of you who do not have the publisher license (and no friends with a publisher license) but only the DevAssist app on your Vita, please wait for further instructions to come.

Note that currently, the open SDK does not work so you will not be able to develop or run homebrew. You can only run the ‘hello world’ demo. The main purpose of this open beta is to test VitaDefiler and UVLoader and find bugs in those tools as well as the setup process. Please follow the directions in README.txt. If you encounter any bugs or errors, join the #vitadev IRC channel on EFNet for support. No support will be provided by me elsewhere (Twitter, here, forums, etc). If you are running a version of PSM DevAssist that is currently not supported, please also join the IRC channel so we can port the tools to your PSM version.

Creating an App Key for a Friend

For those who have a friend with a PSM Publisher License (and can create app keys), follow the official guide from PSM to get an app key for your device. Then after you get BallMazeDemo to run on your Vita, you can run SETUP.bat from the Rejuvenate beta release and it will find the right keys. From personal experience, you may have to go through all the steps twice for it to work. I will not provide any support for this workaround, but feel free to ask Sony’s official forums. If you do not have access to a friend with a Publisher License, more instructions will be posted in the upcoming weeks.

Developer Help Needed

There are currently two open sdks in the works. psp2sdk and vita-toolchain. Both require more work to produce valid ELFs that UVLoader can load. If you are a developer, please consider contributing to one or both of these projects. I personally like vita-toolchain more because it implements my specifications exactly but I am biased that way.


  • UVLoader with 3.x support is on GitHub as always.

  • VitaDefiler sources are now public. Feel free to clone the repository and make changes as desired.

  • VitaInjector, the precursor to VitaDefiler is also public. This was the tool developed before VitaDefiler and also serves as the dirty and hacked up backend for VitaDefiler. It only supports FW < = 2.50. No support will be provided for this tool, its release is only for historical and archival purposes.

The writeup for the exploits used in VitaDefiler will be published soon. They have been written years ago, so I only need to update and polish them before publishing.


The download can be found here. For those who like to share, please link to that page instead of the ZIP file because I will be posting updates directly to that page and the current download link would be outdated soon.


  1. nope

    Nice job man, keep up the good work! Post up a paypal donation link or something so those of us who appreciate your work can buy you a beer!

  2. Quade321

    Pretty awesome, kinda funny to think this has been years in the making. As someone who couldn’t acquire an app key, I eagerly yet patiently await for more updates. :)

  3. You finally made it :D I’ve been following your progress since the day you started to work on the vitaMTP lib. You were the first one pushing for a native hack when all the rest of the scene was pushing for porting existing exploits from the psp to the vita’s psp emulator. For this you deserve infinite thanks.

    I’ve been using the psm suite for more than 1 year, pushing sony for fixing numerous bugs in their sdk but at the time they were already as dead as now. They never invested time and money in this PSM and that’s why they failed. I’ve been outraged when they announced its disclosure, even if I knew this will happen sooner or later.

    Hopefully you gave it a new life (you could actually not find a better name for it :D). And even more, I will be able to code again in native C++ and forget C# that drives me crazy each time I have to code on any mobile plateform.

    Thanks again : you really deserve it !

  4. Xyler

    Awesome work Yifan Lu, may homebrew revive the Vita. My Playstation Mobile Assistant Manager is on 1.13, should I just update?

  5. From Wololo’s /Talk : “Ask you to enter your PSM Dev Assistant version number (reminder, this is currently only compatible with 1.11, 1.14, 1.15) “

    I would suggest you to use the package installer if your using FW 3.18 to update to 1.14.

    Otherwise I don’t know if the normal update brings you to 1.15 or something over this version…

  6. inferno

    Sweet! just got to wait for the bypass of the PSM Dev licenses, unfortunately Sony still havent accepted my application, despite even sending them proof of a unity game i’m creating!!

  7. Anon

    Yifan, thank you for this release. Your work to the Vita scene will always be remembered in our hearts.

  8. dli628

    I got a vitadefiler error until I installed the x64 versions of 2008 and 2010 visual C++ redistributables. Try installing them if you also get a vitadefiler error.

  9. Ok… I tried to execute the built Test/ from the vita-toolchain project and I get a C2-12828-1 from the vita on the module import generated by int sceKernelGetThreadId() : [Vita] load.c:284 Module name: , export table offset: 0x00000000, import table o ffset: 0x00000000

  10. wonre

    Brillant work. Could make it work with fw351+da115 and fw318+da114, but i noticed heavy dependance on network requests from sony servers (the 7 days long dev certificate and the 24 hours long publishing key), so no way for now to keep vita in airplane mode. My guess is that on July 15th Sony servers will stop responding. BTW here is a tip for when run_homebrew.bat crashes immediately : just manually start vitadefiler once in dev assistant, then homebrew.bat will work again correctly.

  11. wonre

    Brian, this is not the true version of psm dev assistant. There are two ways to read it. 1) press the bubble of dev assistant for long, then click the 3 dots bubble near it, and click Information 2) in content manager, local card management, vita apps, there are all listed there and you can see information about it

  12. Thank You, I’m on 1.15 I Can Only Retrieve My One Key But When It Asked For The Password It Failed…I Cant Put The .elf (demo) On Is That Because Their Server Is Down?….

  13. wonre

    This first release is for those who obtained a publisher key (that means you got an email and you could create a seed then a key for each source sample you managed to compile with psm) or their friends. There will be a later second release of additional tools for those not having a publisher key or a friend having one. Script setup.bat does some key retrieval to sign virtualdefiler corretly then asks for your DA version, it s not asking for a password. Just type in 1.15 then press the enter key (in your case). You should obtain 2 vitadefiler.* files in the directory (they will be sent to the vita through run_homebrew.bat). Before dropping hello_world.elf on top of run_homebrew.bat, activate wifi on your vita (test with browser that you can reach for example), connect it with usb to pc and start dev assistant on vita (it will ask sony server if you have dev certificate (will stay valid 7 days, after that will reask it again), then when the bat file will try launching debugger it will ask for publisher key from sony server). If it stops because you don t have publisher key you will have to wait for second future release of the hack. If you have publisher key but it didn t start hello world, try running blazedemo the normal way and retry (will force to retrieve the publisher key correctly which will stay valid for 24 hours).

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