How To Register and Download for PSM (Shutdown Bypass)

Update: It seems that Sony has closed this loophole. However, if you own a PS3, there is another way.

Did you miss the call to register for PSM? People found out today that if you did not register for PSM (not the publisher’s license that requires manual approval, but the general developer registration), they cannot download the Developer Assistant app on their Vita in order to run Rejuvenate. Not to worry, I have discovered a workaround. But act quickly because Sony will patch this loophole soon and possibly also remove the Developer Assistant from PSN, so you should download it now.

Please note that the steps below requires running Javascript in the URL bar. Most browsers support this features, but I know that Chrome does not allow you to paste any text beginning with “javascript:” into the URL bar. So on Chrome (and possibly other browsers), you must paste just the text after “javascript:” into the URL bar and the manually type in “javascript:” at the beginning.

  1. First, begin the registration process by following this link.

  2. Enter the following into the URL bar on registration page javascript:$("#lbl-dvrg-signin-signin").removeClass('disabled');

  3. You should now be able to click the “Sign In” button. Proceed to sign into PSN.

  4. Enter the following into the URL bar on the license agreement page javascript:$(".btn,.btn-primary,.btn-large,.spn2").attr('id','lbl-dvrg-agreement-next').removeClass('disabled').removeAttr('disabled');

  5. You should now be able to click the “Next” button. Proceed with the rest of the registration. Complete the registration by clicking the link sent to your email and logging in again to PSN.

  6. PlayStation®Mobile Developer Assistant should now show up in your Downloads List on your Vita. You can download it from PSN on your Vita.

This is likely your last chance to get PSM. Please do it soon before it’s gone forever! Remember, even though the current exploit to be released has many limitations (including no VitaTV support), any future homebrew exploit (which may have less limitations) will likely use PSM DevAssistant, so if you ever want homebrew on your Vita device, you must download the DevAssistant application.


  1. litetaker

    How long does the verification email take? I still did not get it after 5 minutes. I hope I did not miss the window of opportunity for good! :( I just luckily ran into this post on twitter.

  2. litetaker

    Nevermind, I forgot to check my filters which automatically skips emails from Playstation from the inbox! I got it! Thanks so much and I am sooo happy I found this! If I wouldn’t have come to twitter because of the HBO show, VEEP, I would have missed this!

    Thanks again! Looking forward to homebrew on my Vita!

  3. I have the app installed, but when I go into my settings app and select psm developer under system info it doesn’t show my runtime version. It just has 2 dashes. I have the app properly installed and it all works fine but my settings app doesn’t show it. Is this gonna be an issue?

  4. litetaker

    @jhuebert95, I don’t know if it is important. Anyway, on that settings page, you can click the three dotted menu (…) on the bottom right and press update. It should download some version 2.01 or something, and then on that page you will see PSM Runtime Package 1.00

  5. @litetaker the problem is I’m on 3.18. I could still probably use charles proxy or something to connect, but the latest version probably isn’t compatible with 3.18. If doing it that way installs the latest version, I’m not sure what those of us on lower firmwares are supposed to do, because it’s not compatible anyway :/

  6. Raaa

    Hi yifan. My sub account will be upgradable to a master account in about a week, however I fear this will not work by then. Do you know of any ways to bypass the sub account check? Thanks

  7. meta

    doesnt seem to work anymore, got to sign in then “page not found”. when i close out the pop-up window, the sign in button doesnt work anymore. (not greyed out)

  8. Ramenking

    i figured it out …. in chrome you have to bookmark the javascript by highlighting it and dragging it to you bookmark bar. then you rune the bookmark when your on the page …. thank yi fan i though i wouldn’t be able to get this on my vita after waiting so long for your release…..

  9. Steve

    It worked for me, though I dont have a vita to try downloading the app. It does show up in my download list. For anyone that didnt get it to work try again. And big thanks to Yifan Lu for this.

  10. It is Tuesday, June 16, 2015, UTC 13:57.

    This method still works perfectly for me, got the confirmation email and everything.

    But hurry, and write back when it doesn’t work.

  11. King Phoenix

    How can i install the app on my firmware 3.36 psvita without updating? On PS3 the download doesn’t work.

  12. Javier Sanchez

    I am from Mexico, and it Works! I tried on internet explorer but JavaScript doesn’t work, I recommend you use chrome and follow the instructions. Thanks Yifan Lu!! I’ll wait with big expectation rejuvenate launch!

  13. Need to give better detailed Description of how to get the PSM Dev App. Copy and Paste the JavaScript Code to the URL? Really? Did that and I get Google Search coming up. Did that before and After the Link

  14. RooseyJones

    I just tried now, and it failed to allow me to register. I received a verification email, was directed to the “complete registration” sign in page, but after attempting to log in, the service refused to continue.

    It’s 22:05 EDT, June 16, 2015

  15. Mike

    Hi everyody! Well, i have a problem. I did all the website says but when the e-mail confirmation arrived and i clicked it, i can’t complete the process. The PSM page says: “PSM Developer registration could not be completed.” Please any help. I’m from Mexico

  16. Joe

    i’m from Mexico too and the only problem is the “PSM Developer registration could not be completed”, I already try the registration 2 times but it’s the same problem. PLZ can anyone help.

  17. Finally was able to do it after looking around. In order to do this, have to use Chrome, then when on the Page, hit F12 and then Paste the Required Items. Unfortunately, I got the Email, but it can not get completed. Not to mention the fact that Sony removed the 2 Apps from the PSN. If only Ppl were informed how to do this in better Detail. All we were told is to Paste the Info into the URL. To most of us, the URL is the who HTTP/WWW. whatever URL Address Bar. Now if we were told to use Chrome, when on the Required Site, to hit F12, then Paste the Info into the Bottom Expansion and hit Enter each time, then yeah, you would not be having so many ppl with problems.

  18. Aldus Thingave

    Yifan Lu, any chance of possibility for Rejuvenate to work with p12/krng/seed obtained “elsewhere”? Even though I managed to stuff the PSM assistant on a pair of 3.18+3.51 yesterday, and it worked, Sony never accepted published key requests from my country (among many others), so I had to go elsewhere, and, obviously, the daily “call back home” routine won’t work… I definitely have witnessed workarounds for the daily routine, and looks like they still work on 3.51. I guess a similar workaround is a basis for the PSM+?

  19. Should I update the PSM dev assistant to the latest version ? I don’t remember which version I have but it’s probably older than when 3.18 was the lastest firmware…

  20. Aldus Thingave

    If anyone interested, the method I used for 3.18 was actually without using charles proxy or whatever similar. I just copied the psm dev from a 3.51 to a ps3 via content manager, then copied it back to 3.18, obviously it started screaming that it needs to be updated (no way with 3.18), then transferred some psm assistant pkgs to 3.18 via the same ps3 – they are drm-less as it seems. Probably copying the assistant from 3.51 was unnecessary and the packages themselves would suffice, don’t know, can try that when the laziness subsides.

    The package names I transferred are these, you can try yourself on a 3.18, they are perfectly googleable:

    IP9100-PCSI00007_00-PSSUITEDEV000000.pkg (8286112 bytes) IP9100-PCSI00007_00-PSSUITEDEV000000-A0114-V0100-29622fe379594b215a038ed988c7c53958df33a0-PE.pkg (16871424 bytes)

    …in that particular order. I just installed them on a cfw ps3 via the package manager, and copied them over to vita. The list about is probably redundant, you probably can throw away one of them w/o consequences – not sure about that, just loaded them both just in case.

    IP9100-PCSI00011_00-PSMRUNTIME000000-A0200-V0100* (the v2 runtime), on the other hand, seems to be DRM-protected – copying that over didn’t work.

  21. Carlos

    Still with the “PSM Developer registration could not be completed” message after clicking the URL in the confirmation email. I tried even with a proxy and same result, so I suppose is definitely closed. Tried from Mexico City. Yifan Lu: can you confirm that? Is there any other way?

  22. Juan Carlos

    Hello guys, I also got the error “PSM Developer registration could not be completed”, I also tried the method explained here using the ps3

    However while transfer the PSM Dev app to the Vita, I got this message on the vita

    “The content has expired or the owner of the content is another player”

    Searching in the forum , some person stated that PSM Dev app should be in your download list (automatically added after PSM Developer registration) in order to transfer it from your ps3.

    So it seems like now if you could not register as PSM Dev, there is no way to get it :(

    can someone confirm if there is another way or if I am wrong?

  23. Aldus Thingave

    Try finding the above two PKG files, installing them on a CFW PS3 and then copying them over to a Vita. They’ll appear as bubbles on the PS3 and will be deleted after the transfer, but will install on the Vita.

  24. geno killer

    “PSM Developer registration could not be completed” im from eu italy that can be a problem?

  25. blackjack4

    I did the ps3 trick but it says that content is expired (consired that I’ve logged from ps3 on the same vita account and done the Charle’s proxy to download the pkg to the ps3)

  26. Nick

    I did this but the PSM page says: “PSM Developer registration could not be completed.” when I tried to sign in using the registration email. Help please

  27. Angel

    when i tried to download the psm from the download list this appear

    It may be unavailable or the address may be incorrect.

  28. Leo Damico

    I’ve downloaded the PSM Dev for unity. but I couldn’t find the PSM Dev assistant. Am I in trouble?

  29. this now no longer works. you can go through all the steps, but at the end it’ll say something like “registration could not be completed” - this is after clicking the confirmation URL in the email. I think it’s done :(

  30. nope

    I find it incredibly hard to sympathize with people who missed out yet again. You had over a month the first time around to do this and you still missed the deadline. Guess your only hope is to see if people who have extra accounts registered as PS Dev’s will sell you one.

  31. LeoDAMICO

    I already have an account on the site, but im just able to install the PSM Dev For Unity and I already installed on my vita. Do I need the Dev Assistant as well? If yes I got the app on my Mac, but I don’t know if I can transfer from my PC to my vita or find another way to install now that I already have an account on the site.. ?

  32. niftey

    I managed to get the app via one of the workarounds but I cant get the development license. Any help would be appreciated.

  33. Ricardo

    They just removed the id from the “Agree” button. If someone someway found out the correct id from the this button we can register using cod inspector.

  34. Dreamengineer

    Today I’ve tried to register. Everything went all right, but when I click the last confirmation URL (The one when you want to become a PSM developer) from my mail, and I log in, it does say “PSM developer registration could not be completed”.

    So… in a nutshell, it looks like the loophole was fixed.

    By now, I can only wait for another way to get the license =(

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