You Should Register for PSM

PlayStation Mobile (PSM) for those unaware is Sony’s platform for indie game developers. They have decided to start shutting down the service after May 31, 2015. Before then, I think it would be wise for everyone (not just game developers) to sign up for an account (it’s free!), set up the developer assistant on their Vita, and run at least one sample application. If you don’t try this platform out and see what it has to offer, you might regret it.

What you should do before June 2015:

  1. Sign in to the PSM DevPortal with your PSN account

  2. Click the button to “Apply for PSM Publisher License” and follow the directions

  3. After you get your license approved, download SDK 1.21.02 (NOT SDK 2.00.00 or Unity for PSM)

  4. Follow the directions to get the dev assistant for your Vita

  5. Once everything is installed, play with a demo! For example, BallMazeDemo is pretty fun. Before the demo will run though, you have to generate an app key. Refer to PSM’s documentations for that.


  1. Ch41r4s

    You have the plan to release your UVL once the shutdown occur???… (i prefer your resnpose “maybe” instead “no”).

  2. ted

    hello yifan i did everything except point 5. i can t find that demo on the store and i dont understand the part you say –you have to generate an app key. Refer to PSM’s documentations for that.– can you explain me, thank you good work.

  3. William

    Tried it through the PS3, no go, appears in the download queue but the download option is greyed out

  4. erikk

    So after what William said above, is updating to latest fw worth? Considering that 3.18 users stay on that fw for obvious reasons…

  5. f_uck

    Still wondering as well, is it worth it to update ? your post don’t say much and I understand you don’t wish to reveal anything yet because of Sony but that make us confused.

  6. Hobb

    It would be nice how much we may regret not doing this… like update-your-console-as-much-as-needed-no-matter-what-to-make-it-work level of regret…

    You can give us a subtle hint about it.

  7. J-P

    @Zer01neDev Maybe I’m just trying to get everyone to update to an non-hackable fw while at the same time raising interest for PSM?

  8. Tobi

    I don’t care about a warez launcher or CFW. The only thing I care about is homebrew. The Vita is such a beast, it would be a waste not to have native Vita homebrew. Hopefully this is the first step towards this.

  9. Byte

    This is actually awesome. It shouldn’t be too hard to port some apps over like a pretty analog / digital / nixie clock, or a pocket calculator.

  10. Sora_Kuni

    I am more interested on the blog post regarding how the exploit works and what’s on the horizon than the exploit itself, damn i have no more nails to chew i am excited :s

  11. Chaos

    Lemme guess - somebody at Sony forgot to replace a parameter containing something with NULL. And let’s say this references something rather important from a trusted code perspective. Am I close? ;P

    (That said, if this is TOO close, nuke my comment.)

  12. NoPatience

    @ Chaos ohhh u thought u know everything about hacking devices, oohhh, so why dont u fint that null parameter and do the job, or u were trying to convince him to tell u what is he upto, u know what: boooooooom, all u all just got lit up cuz !!! XDDD:DDD:p

  13. SoraNoKuni

    @Chaos Theoretically you may be correct, but your post is so vague that it doesn’t matter, there is no specific information included so there is no need for nuking your comment even if it’s exactly on spot on a very simple/basic way, as if Sony could fix the exploit with a simple observation, though there is something that bothers me it seems Sony fixed the exploit by mistake on their SDK 2.0 that’s just akward if you ask me(I haven’t seen the latest SDK i guess there are fundamental changes on how the SDK interacts with the vita).

    @Yifan Lu Will you make a blog post on how you found out the exploit(if there is one :P)* and how it works? I believe you will but wanna make sure so i can grab a bucket of popcorn while reading.

    *I am pretty sure there is one but i want to follow your “Incognito” mode as it is on your latest tweets.

  14. Gasparde

    Man, I can’t bring myself to update my 3.18 Vita for this. Don’t have a PS3 so I’m not sure what to do. Do you guys think updating would be worth it?

  15. Chaos

    @NoPatience - You made me chuckle a bit, Good job.

    FYI, I’m not a hacker, I’m a programmer. I have a bit more RE experience than most, but not enough to tackle the vita with next to zero info on what the OS even is. An exploit is useless without a payload or any idea on what the payload should be.

    Anyways, I’ll be more specific at risk of post nuke. CVE-2010-4159. Based on the license on Sony’s OSE site, it’s entirely possible this vulnerability is in the Mono VM used in PSM1. Then again, I have no clue what format shared libraries are in on the vita, so I have absolutely zero clue how to go about testing whether this is a possible exploit.

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