You can find everything on my GitHub.


  • Rejuvenate: Run native homebrew and RPC on PS Vita
  • Spider3DSTools: Proof-of-concept code execution on Nintendo 3DS via browser exploit
  • LibVitaMTP/OpenCMA: Open source drivers and content manager for PlayStation Vita
  • UVLoader: Userland ELF executable loader for PlayStation Vita
  • PSXperia: PlayStation 1 emulator patch for playing any PS1 ROM on Xperia Play
  • KindleTool: Extract/create Kindle updates
  • Kindle Touch (1st Gen) Jailbreak: Run custom code on Kindle 4/Touch
  • Josh: Win32 Console API library for Java for drawing and events
  • PHPRetro: Implementation of Habbo Hotel website for private servers


For everything I have ever worked on (most of which are pretty useless), check out the archives.