PSXperia: Converts any PSX game to work on Xperia Play

After two hard weeks of decompiling, reverse engineering, graphing, and coding, I’m proud to announce PSXperia, a set of tools to extract, patch, and repack the Crash Bandicoot game that comes with all Xperia Play phones to use any PSX game (that you legally own). In addition to allowing you to play any property ripped PSX game, you can also set a custom icon and the game will show up in the phone’s Playstation Pocket app, so you can quickly access it when you flip the gamepad out. I’ve converted and tested 8 games with this tool and they all run flawlessly, but if things don’t work out so smoothly for you, submit your issues to GitHub.

Download the program here and the source here
Setup and usage guide here
Support here
Bug reports here

128 thoughts on “PSXperia: Converts any PSX game to work on Xperia Play

  1. Ha ha ha ha so many dumb asses that don’t know how to read things before using them makes me laugh got south park chefs luvshack and ff7 working flawlessly thanks thanks for the great tool xperia plays full potential will soon be unlocked woop woop

  2. Why?! How can you leave the PLAY experience Yifan? Anyways Thanks for all the inspiration and stuff you’ve given us.

  3. Sir, i have encountered an error… “unsupported exception: version of crash bandicoot know not working, use another version…” –need help here… =’c

  4. Works great for almost every game I’ve tried so far. The ones that don’t, oh well. I mean that’s the chance you take with emulation really. Thank you for the hard work and effort you put in to this. It’s taken my Play to a level beyond running just basic Android games and 16 bit console emulation.

    Also, the ability to shift the installed .apk formats to the sd card after installation is brilliant. Even Sony hasn’t done that with anything official from them.

  5. -.- looks like i should of brought my xperia play earlier is there any working emulators for the latest update?

  6. Man. I have downloaded the programs to convert my games, but I got here windows 7 64 bits and the application do not Run like it should run. I can’t click in the extract or even the convert parts. I appreciate if someone could help.

  7. What I do? Unsupported exception: This version of crash bandicoot is known to not work, please use a different version. CRC32: 996811713. Help me please.

  8. @deathmask: are you sure you have flagged the 4 check on the first page and highlighted the yu-name? after that the second and third pages should appear as usable.

    @thaygo: you have a different version of the game (maybe you have the pal version? or you upgraded? ecc). You have to search on the net for a usa version, i think.

  9. Hi, when ever I press extract I get an error that says cannot find apk, I know I got it right, but it keeps unmounting the sd card when I try.

  10. Loved this utility! I would pay money for it. Unfortunately since the mandatory Crash Bandicoot apk update to 1.2, previously converted games prompt an update and exit, and any new conversions just load to a black screen… Any hope for a quick fix? Get ‘er working again and I WILL pay money for it :-)

  11. I’m getting the message:
    Cannot Build the APK! Java says: Executable did not return without error.

  12. Hi & tnx. excuse me . i converted ps1 game to perform on my (experia play) phone but this converted game dont run in my phone . What should i do to run these games? Tnx

  13. thanks yifan,im from mexico,thank you for the program,i hope you return with another version:)

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