Kindle 4/Touch Jailbreak


What does the jailbreak do? All it does is open the door to unsigned modifications by installing a developer key into the device. It does not modify any existing files and it only writes one new file.
It does NOT do anything useful or noticeable other than this. You must find and install modifications that extend the device (the jailbreak only allows that to be possible.)

This jailbreak works on the Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch. If you have a Kindle 3, Kindle 2, or Kindle DX, check out my jailbreak for these older devices.

Thanks to ixtab for finding out this method of jailbreaking.

After installing the jailbreak, there is NO side effects at all (battery life, stability, etc). However, because you are no longer limited to Amazon’s sandbox, you could potently damage your device by installing modifications that are improperly coded or by incorrectly using the modifications. Just a warning.


This jailbreak is designed for usage on both the Kindle 4 and Kindle 5 (Touch) and packs in three different methods of jailbreaking into one package. Please follow the methods in order if one doesn’t work.

Method 1:

  1. Plug in the Kindle and copy “data.tar.gz” to the Kindle’s USB drive’s root
  2. Safely remove the USB cable and restart the Kindle (Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Restart)
  3. After the Kindle restarts, you should see a new book titled “You are Jailbroken”, if you see this, the jailbreak has been successful. If you DON’T see this, continue.

Method 2:

  1. Restart the Kindle again (Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Restart)
  2. After the Kindle restarts, you should see a new book titled “You are Jailbroken”, if you see this, the jailbreak has been successful. If you DON’T see this, continue.

Method 3:

  1. Plug in the Kindle and copy “data.tar.gz” to the Kindle’s USB drive’s root
  2. Create a blank text file named “ENABLE_DIAGS” and save it on the Kindle’s USB drive’s root
  3. Remove the USB cable and restart the Kindle (Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Restart)
  4. Once the device restarts into diagnostics mode, select “D) Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags” (using the touchscreen or 5-way keypad)
  5. Select “R) Reboot System” and “Q) To continue”
  6. You should restart back into diagnostics mode, select “D) Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags”
  7. Select “R) Reboot System” and “Q) To continue”
  8. You should restart back into diagnostics mode, select “D) Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags”
  9. Select “D) Disable Diagnostics” and “Q) To continue”

If you wish to run a shell script after the jailbreak process, create a file named “” on the root of the Kindle’s USB partition. Use this like a regular shell script. Make sure to remount root as read-write if you plan to modify the file system. It is safe to run the jailbreak multiple times.

Important Notices

  • Packages on the Kindle Touch cannot work on the Kindle 4 as is and vice versa!
  • Again, the jailbreak itself does NOTHING except open the door for other packages.
  • Do not expect the jailbreak to remove ads, I don’t know why so many people ask me that.
  • If you have a Kindle Touch, you should try some of my Kindle mods: SSH (see usbnetwork in downloads below), custom screensavers, and GUI launcher (including screen rotation).

Installing Packages

You should NOT copy any packages until AFTER the jailbreak is successful. To install a package that you obtained as a .bin file, copy it to the Kindle’s USB drive’s root. Then go to Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Update Your Kindle to install.


If you wish to uninstall the jailbreak, it is recommended that you first uninstall all packages first because you cannot run any other uninstallers after removing the jailbreak.

  1. Plug in the Kindle and copy the uninstaller .bin for your device to the Kindle’s USB drive’s root (update_jailbreak_X.Y_k4_uninstall.bin = Kindle 4, update_jailbreak_X.Y_k5_uninstall.bin = Kindle Touch)
  2. Safely remove the USB cable
  3. On the device, go to Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Update Your Kindle


Development for the Kindle is usually done in one of two ways.

Java Kindlets

Kindlet is the “official” way of writing Kindle applications. These are known as “Kindle Active Content” and are written in Java either using the official SDK or unofficially imported JARs.

More information on writing unofficial Kindlet

After creating your Kindlet, you must sign it with the jailbreak Kindlet key to run it on any Kindle that installed this jailbreak.

With the official SDK, to use the jailbreak Kindlet key:

  1. Open up Eclipse
  2. Open up “Workspace Preferences” in Eclipse
  3. Select the “Kindle Active Content” item
  4. Set the “Keystore Path:” to the “developer.keystore” file found in the “keys” directory of this package
  5. Set the “Keypass:” to “password” (without the quotes)

To manually sign your Kindlet JAR, use the following commands:

jarsigner -keystore /path/to/developer.keystore -storepass password JAR_FILE Kindlet
jarsigner -keystore /path/to/developer.keystore -storepass password JAR_FILE KindletInteractionSupport
jarsigner -keystore /path/to/developer.keystore -storepass password JAR_FILE KindletNetworkSupport

where /path/to/developer.keystore is the actual path to the “developer.keystore” file found in the “keys” directory of this package and JAR_FILE is the name of your Kindlet JAR.

Other Apps

Any other ARM Linux application (Linux ELFs, Shell Scripts, etc) can be installed to the device using a signed update package. This is more advanced, and the developer should take care of startup scripts, framebuffers, GUI, etc. All Kindles run the Linux 2.6 kernel and contains all standard GNU libraries.
To cross compile ARM Linux code, you must use a toolchain. Below are two examples of ARM toolchains that you could use: (There is evidence that Amazon uses this) (I personally use this)

After creating your native application, you can install it on any jailbroken device by creating an update package. It is recommended that you use a packager such as my Kindle Tool (see the project link for more information) to generate these packages. To make an installer package, create a shell script named anything (.sh) in a directory containing all the files in your update. This script will run as root on the Kindle when your update package is installed, so use it to add, remove, or modify files. The working directory for the script is the same directory that the script is in, so everything in the input directory passed to Kindle Tool will be in the update.
If you wish to manually sign update packages (no information is provided, check the Kindle Tool source if you’re curious), the RSA private key for signing jailbreak update packages is provided in the “keys” directory of this archive under “updater_key.pem”.

Also, here is the original Kindle Touch MP3 jailbreak for archival purposes.


  • 2012-01-28: Update for Kindle Touch 5.0.3 support and Kindle 4 support.
  • 2011-12-09: First release.


Additional Information

Project Link
Version: 1.1
Released: December 9, 2011
Updated: January 28, 2012

85 thoughts on “Kindle 4/Touch Jailbreak

  1. Graham says:

    Tried Method 3 on my just-out-of-the-box Touch, now stuck at the second “D)” screen -can’t select it, then the device reboots back to the first Diag screen. I’m able to put it in USB device mode, which shows the data.tar.gz file is gone. Deleting the “ENABLE_DIAGS” file doesn’t fix the situation. Hrm.

  2. mspack says:

    Fixed it – went into USB mode from the diagnostics menu. I put the and data.tar.gz in the root. Then then chose “D) Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags”
    Select “D) Disable Diagnostics” and “Q) To continue” — a couple times until it rebooted. The screen said runme was running then returned me to my original homescreen. I deleted the runme files from the root of the kindle.

  3. Pragyan says:

    I was trying to jailbreak my latest kindle touch. I started with step 3 after couple of times it seems as if it got hanged on the menu screen and also usb is not getting mounted. Is there any work wround this problem.

  4. will says:

    I jail broke my kindle and it worked great for about six months. one day last week I tried to plug my kindle in to my computer and the kindle didn’t register that it was plugged in, also the kindle driver did not appear on my computer. I reset it to factory defaults and yet it still does not connect to my computer! Please help me!

  5. Paul says:

    As with Pragyan I tried step 3 and now I can not use the screen or turn it off or mount via usb. Any suggestions? – that do not require usb attachment, touching the scree or turning off the machine?


  6. Kelvin says:

    Paul, I got stuck in the loop too. It is pretty painful and I was a bit worried I had bricked it!

    There is a way out though. Once in the diag menus, you need to select the USB mode option. This should push the connected machine to pick up the Kindle. Delete the ENABLE_DIAGS file and remove the usb. Reboot the Kindle using the “Exit, Reboot or Disable diags” menu, then the Kindle should be back.

    I also, when checking, have the “You are Jailbroken” message, so I am just about to try using customer screensavers.

    Hopefully this works for you.

  7. Rob says:

    Method 3 worked fine for me (latest version of Kindle 4 [no touch]), made a FW update a few days ago, but worked fine. No problems at all.

  8. George Hafiz says:

    My K4NT showed the jailbreak splash screen after rebooting from within diag view. I didn’t get a “you are jailbroken” book, though, but I did manage to use the update your kindle feature using the provided usbnet binary here.

    But my Kindle isn’t listening on port 22 (SSH) on wifi. According to the readme for it, it should be. What gives?

  9. brainwave says:

    For all those who get stuck at the screen doing method 3, do’nt worry. It’s just your kindle in ‘off’ position.

    1. Hold the power button around 20 seconds

    2. Release and just tap the power button once, your kindle should be back 🙂

  10. Javier Arrigo says:

    This work on Kindle Touch 5.1.2 (1679530004) and this methods not work. 🙁 please help y want make custom screensavers =,(

  11. skc says:

    Please can me help me on this.

    (1) I installed yifan Kindle Launcher 1.1 (by placing the Extensions under the extensions as advised in Readme in the Kindle? or must the rest of the .zip also go somewhere?)
    Did update of Kindle – Nothing shows.
    (2) Have not as yet placed Eboard 0.5 (I take it unzip Eboard folder into the Extensions folder on the Touch?.

    3. What about Jailbrake? must that also be installed first and how?
    Reference is made to a “data.tar.gz” but I cannot see it in Kindle Jailbreak 1.1

    Thanks in advance

  12. kevin kabuye says:

    got stuck on the diags when i tried to exit the diags screen.The screen is frozen for months and av tried to run it out even tried to diconnect the battery pack bt the screen is frozen.When connected to the pc the light goes on bt the device is not visible.WHAT CAN I DO??

  13. Dario says:

    Hi, I passed all steps from Method 3: on my Kindle 4.1 Classic, got message “You are Jailbroken”, but no matter which package I put in kindle, the option “update kindle” stays grey

  14. Rich says:

    Hi all, I tried to do this and now my kindle is stuck on the Tequila screen. How can I escape from this? Have looked on many sites but every time I try something, it just takes me back to the tequila page. Help please.

  15. steve says:

    Hello, Regarding your blog: I would like to know specifically if this code will work for my specific Kindle. I want to verify this because people have different names for the same Kindle. I have what is called a Kindle Touch. It is the 4th Generation Kindle with a touch screen. Here is the link to the product description: Here’s the link to the wikipedia description: Can you please verify that your code will work correctly on this version of the Kindle? Also I have FW 5.3.7! thanks! steve

  16. peepo says:

    its been a few years…

    I installed Kindle Launcher from mobileRead/twobob ixtab stepk

    over 5.1.2

    can I just follow the instructions above?

    what are the benefits?
    ie its jailbroken, so…

  17. Chris says:

    I must be a moron because I’m stuck at step one. It says “Copy data.tar.gz…” – but where is it? How do I get it in order top copy it to my Kindle?

  18. Robert says:

    I tried all methods with my kindle touch 4, with firmware and it doesn’t work. It’s a problem of version firmware or the jail?.

  19. Mati says:

    Hi also on my Kindle this doesen’t work, maybe because I can’t see any folders in my Kindle after connecting to PC via Usb? Could an one help me with this?

    best regards Mati

  20. Mati: you need to go:
    Main Screen on Kindle (the home) ->
    Push menu (3-lines button) .->
    Go to Restart.->
    (This may change because of models)
    Plug to computer and Voilá!

  21. Kevin Kabuye says:


    I still have a bricked kindle (K4) and I cannot try most of these options as none of the buttons work. Anyone with a solution?


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