Kindle 3.2.1 Jailbreak (Update)

When I first released the Kindle 3.2.1 jailbreak, I called it “temporary.” Although confusing to use and set up, it has gotten thousands of hits and reports of success. However, it was “temporary” because the method used depended on some precise timing and I had a better method that I was saving for Kindle 3.3. Now, I realize that 3.3 will never come, but will instead be 4.0 that will come with Kindle 4, and with a new hardware, everything doesn’t matter. Serge A. Levin has independently discovered a similar bug for what I was going to use on the 3.3 jailbreak, and I’ve asked him to release it because he deserves the credit for the work. If we’re lucky, Amazon will fix the bug in a way that my similar plan for 3.3/4.0 will still work.

(If you are already jailbroken, regardless of what version you’re running, you don’t need to download this. The actual jailbreak hasn’t been updated, just the injection method.)

Also, if you think that the jailbreak didn’t work, try installing a custom package anyways. I have fixed many people’s “I can’t get it working” by telling them that it’s already jailbroken.

Link to jailbreak for all devices on all versions.

EDIT: It seems like there is some confusion so I’ll clear this up. Jailbreaking does NOT remove ads.


  1. Serge A. Levin

    What do you mean by the words “do not match”?

    Zip archive contains set of files named: update_jailbreak_0.5.1__.bin where values are listed in the README and is either install or uninstall. You should select the only .bin file from the archive according to your device and action you’d like to perform.

  2. Aécio

    I installed the new version of jailbreak for version 3.2.1 and then install the screensaver hack. All the upgrades with no problems. However, when I inserted the images in the specified folder and restarted the Kindle, the ads continued.

    So I added the screensaver and jailbreak uninstall files and perform upgrades in sequence. Also no problem.

    Now, when trying to get the whole operation from the beginning, inserting the jailbreak .bin, the upgrade failed.

    Where is the error?

    Thanks for the help.

    PS.: forgive my poor English…

  3. Mauritpr

    1) Copy and paste the correct update for your device k2 = Kindle 2 US k2i = Kindle 2 International dx = Kindle DX US dxi = Kindle DX International dxg = Kindle DX Graphite k3 = Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (US & Canada) k3g = Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (Elsewhere) k3w = Kindle 3 Wifi 2) Go to the Settings page via Menu -> Settings 3) Select “Update Your Kindle”

    -k3gb missing in the list above -k3 does not exist in the zip archive

  4. Serge A. Levin

    Oooops. Sorry. The correct mapping for these is: k3w -> Kindle 3 Wifi k3gb -> Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (Non-US/Canada model) k3g -> Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (US/Canada model)

    I haven’t updated README in binaries from sources

  5. Serge A. Levin

    Leo, It’s for 3.2.1 only. Might be un-operatable on 3.2.

    K3w, I’ve tried it on the Kindle 3 WiFi without ads with firmware version 3.2.1. Factory new, without any unsuccessfull attempts to install original Yifan’s jailbreak. It installed OK. Looking through the sources I see, that the only way to obtain U0006 is to have Kindle jailbroken already. If you installed jailbreak on 3.2 prior to updating to 3.2.1, you do not need this one - custom hacks should install correctly.

  6. Guangjian

    It’s works. Very exciting for this jailbreak package. Cause I’ve failed for more than 30 times use last version.

    And after this jailbreak. I also install follow package success. 1/. update_usbnetwork_0.34.N_k3g_install.bin 2/. update_fonts_4.6.N_k3g_install.bin 3/. update_pinyin_0.2_k3g_install.bin

    Only for Web Browser Patch (for can not open new page), I’m failed.

  7. K3w

    I have copied the old Directory “linkjail” from 3.2 from PC Backup-Directory to the Kindle-Drive and now Screensaver-Hack is runnig well on first time. Thanks a lot for the Info to Serge A. Levin. :)

  8. Steve

    If you have a 3.2.1 special offers kindle, will this allow the owner to replace the adds with their own screen saver? Thanks –

  9. Serge A. Levin

    Steve, The only thing jailbreak does is giving you ability to install custom, non-Amazon issued updates, also known as `hacks’. And these hacks can perform changing screensavers, removing ads, almost everything. Or can choose not to do so, depending on their authors will.

    Both screensaver hacks I’ve heard about - NiLuJe’s and Sir Alex’s - intentionally do not support removing ads from Kindle with Special Offers.

  10. Brandon

    I just copied the install bin to the root of my kindle (Kindle 3 Wi-fi only [Last one]) and went to Settings and then Update. It claimed it succeeded. So then I restarted, no luck with new folders or anything, so then after restarting 3 times, it still wasn’t there. Any ideas?

  11. Serge A. Levin

    Brandon, No new folders should appear in the root of userstore. It silently installs and should silently do what it is intended to. Have you succeeded with installing custom hacks (screensaver, usbNetwork, another hacks) after installing the JB?

  12. Steve


    Thanks for your description it turned me in the right direction. Your Jailbreak was simple to perform and worked flawlessly. I installed a few hacks and now my Kindle displays random screen savers of my own choice. Again, thank you!

  13. Sorry if this is a daft question… You say “1) Copy and paste the correct update for your device” … Where exactly do I paste it to? One of the kindle folders? Or as I would a book through Calibre? or…? Please phrase your answer in laymen terms. Thx-)

  14. Serge A. Levin


    When you attach your kindle to your PC, new drive appears. You shuld paste the correct file to the root folder of this drive (e.g., enter the drive with doble-click in Windows Explorer and paste there, not into any other subfolder)

  15. Thanks Yifan for this Update…

    I have a problem with these.

    1. I’ve Restore to FACTORY DEFAULT my KINDLE 3.2.1 WiFi + Special Offer
    2. Installed the Jailbreak (successful) and the Screensaver Hack (Successful)
    3. When I Register my kindle 3 with a WiFi —– THE ADS APPEARS!!!

    Please kindly help me with these :) Thank You in Advance :)

  16. gabrielleon

    My device is Kindle 3 ad version 3G+wifi. Package version is 3.2.1. Last night i almost tried all the ways to jailbreak, all were failed untill i found this way. i tried it and succeeded.Then i install custom hack:update_pinyin_0.2_k3g_install.bin, and also suceeded. But there is still ads on my kindle. i am confused about one problem. Is that there will be no ads after kindle is jailbroken?

    Thank u both very much!

  17. Thanks Yifan Lu for fast reply…

    I think… if your like me guys… that don’t need the “COLLECTION” feature… because i only put and read few books just don’t register ^_^ to enjoy the screensaver hack…

    for me… Buying a 3G kindle is a kind a waste of money because it’s just “EXPERIMENTAL”

    Thanks again Yifan Lu… Keep Up the Good Work… and I’ll be frequently visits your site now for update…

  18. Brad F.

    Hi Yifanlu

    The jailbreak hack is great and is the only one that worked on my kindle. I am suggesting a new hack. I hate how the kindle web browser will only download a few file types. I also dislike the fact that I can’t see the progress of the download. Maybe you or Serge could create a hack for a download manager? That would be great. Keep up the good work.

    ~Brad F.

  19. Hayden

    Here’s my situation:

    My originial Kindle 3 Wi-Fi broke due to software issues and Amazon agreed to replace it. Great. I recieve it only to find out that they gave me a Kindle 3 Wi-Fi with Special Offers on 3.2.1 firmware. Naturally angry I call customer service, apparently with the click of a button they were able to remove the ads. Now my problem is that I’m still on 3.2.1 FW and there is no screensaver hack. Please help.

  20. jpgbin

    hi yifanlu my kindle3 is brick I use the (i)Initialize Partition Table (fdisk) and format FAT how can i repair it I’m sorry my english is bad (my kindle is kindle 3 wifi +3g 3.21)

  21. Leslie

    Please excuse my ignorance.

    I own 2 Kindles. One uses software version 2.5.8, while the other uses software version 3.1.

    Am I able to use one of these jailbreaks to make my Kindle that’s now running version 2.5.8 instead run version 3.1?

  22. Aram

    Hi all. I would like to know how does kindle understand when I change ad pictures? Is it kind of checksum or maybe it is checking the file modification date? P.S. I’ve bought a one with ads, because i had no choice here in my country, so it’ll be nice to get rid of that ads. Thanks!

  23. Francis

    Hi yifan,

    this is my situation, i have this kindle 3.2.1 with ads wifi only. I copied the jailbreak file from your download source place it in my kindle directory ejected the kindle but the ‘UPDATE KINDLE’ is still disabled. I dont know what to do

    Next is. I do not know where to download the hack for the screen saver

    thanks in advance

  24. Anthony

    > Now, I realize that 3.3 will never come… 3.3 was released 2 days ago, and I’m wondering what will happen when I upgrade from 3.2.1 which is already jailbroken.

  25. Alex Samorukov

    It seems that for me jailbreak doesn’t work on 3.3. It shows “success” but i am not able to use kindle updater to get this firmware then.

  26. ObM

    Thank you for the Jailbreaks. I have been using your work for a while now and really appreciate it!

    I fully support the ‘homebrew’ scene, but for all you jerks out there too cheap to buy the ‘NON-add-supported’ verison, suck it up!

    The jailbreaks give us the ability to run our own software, fonts and screen savers. if you don’t want the adds, pay the extra $40! It’s not much.

    Also realise no one made you buy the add supported version, you bought it and you KNEW what you were in for.

    I don’t much agree with copy-rights and restrictions (I pay my fair share for apps, I nearly ALWAYS donate or pay for shareware etc)….

    Still, I use the jailbreak because I HATE how Amazon doesn’t let me change my screen savers (even though I paid for the full version of the Kindle)..

    BUT I’m not so much a cheap asshole that I try to hack a CHEAP device like the kindle, to get rid of adverts that I already WILLINGLY agreed to!

    Anyway. I’m still running 3.2.1 and Update Screensaver Hack 2.5.. I haven’t tried updating yet I’ll wait and read a few more examples of experiences before I risk losing my screensavers!) :)

    Thanks again Yifran Lu! A lot of us appreciate your work!


  27. Kay

    Thank you for the jailbreaks! I have tried to jailbreak my kindle 3g many times. It said updated successfully, but when I plug it to the computer, there’s no new folder “linkss” appeared. What’s the problem? Thank you!

  28. I just got a new kindle 3g+wifi (us) that came with 3.2.1; there is not an ‘update kindle’ option in the menu, or under settings. it is not even greyed out; simply not there.

    i copied update_jailbreak_0.5.1_k3g_install.bin intot he root directory; ejected, unplugged the cable, yet, there is still no option

  29. Jim

    FYI, not all of us looking to remove the ads are CHEAPSKATES!!!!! I received my Kindle as a gift. I would have gladly paid for the non add one.

  30. Steve

    53.FYI, not all of us looking to remove the ads are CHEAPSKATES!!!!! I received my Kindle as a gift. I would have gladly paid for the non add one.

    Comment by Jim — December 9, 2011 @ 1:59 pm

    Then it’s simple: go to and in Manage Your Devices you can opt out of the ads. They will charge your Kindle content purchasing account for the difference in price. Then you won’t have ads.

  31. Nim Chimpsky

    I generally hate having to look at ads, but those on the Kindle are far less intrusive and obnoxious than those on 90% of the web sites I visit.

    Maybe if I use my kindle keyboard 3g as a reader, I would feel differently. But I mainly use mine as a web browser while away from home and I’m much more bothered by the browser’s limitations even when using wifi and thus not costing Amazon money for 3G.

    Are there other browsers that I can try installing? Also, is there a way to download mp3’s and even short videos via wifi? Could I install the UNIX program curl or something like it that I could run from the terminal?

  32. Nim Chimpsky

    P.S. One thing I do like about the stock browser is Article Mode. It would be nice, if less important, to have something like that in browsers on larger-screen tablets and computers.

  33. jason

    Days ago i got a second hand kindle keyboard 3G B0006 with 3.2.1 frameware, then it upgraded to 3.3 automatically … Yesterday, I tried the jailbreak package. it goes well, but today i just found that can’t make any bookmark and set up the collection anymore. When I restart kindle, then I come back to the original status. Did i do something wrong?

  34. mae

    can i jailbreak and screensaver hack my kindle keyboard 3Gwifi B00006 with ads without having to unsubscribe to the ads on amazon? unsubscribing costs $50

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