PSXperia: Converts any PSX game to work on Xperia Play

After two hard weeks of decompiling, reverse engineering, graphing, and coding, I’m proud to announce PSXperia, a set of tools to extract, patch, and repack the Crash Bandicoot game that comes with all Xperia Play phones to use any PSX game (that you legally own). In addition to allowing you to play any property ripped PSX game, you can also set a custom icon and the game will show up in the phone’s Playstation Pocket app, so you can quickly access it when you flip the gamepad out. I’ve converted and tested 8 games with this tool and they all run flawlessly, but if things don’t work out so smoothly for you, submit your issues to GitHub.

Download the program here and the source here Setup and usage guide here Support here Bug reports here


  1. J.Bel

    Thankies! Too bad Medal of Honor (1999) still doesn’t work (map stops loading halfway the first level). FPSe did the same and I was hoping this would resolve it, oh well. Still a good job, don’t know what to convert next, after MoH.

  2. d0p3r5

    WELL DONE!!! You achieved what a billion-dollar company couldn’t even do for it’s own product! WELL DONE INDEED!!!

  3. reinfallt

    Awesome! BUT I haven’t got any games to really work yet. I have tried two so far and they both seem to start fine but then I just get a lot of sound and graphic glitches and the games crash. Both runs fine in FPSe. I’ll keep experimenting and try other games to see if I can get something working.

  4. Jordan

    I’m confused where im supposed to copy stuff :( Where is this “lib” directory, is it the libraries one in the download, or is it on the phone?

  5. Chad

    Several Dumby Questions:

    Which thing am i suppose to download (Source/Package?) I tried both couldn’t open with anything.

    Whats the difference between this and the Playstation Emulators that already exist?

    Does this have games or do i need something else for that?


  6. You need java. Once you have that, you can double click the .jar file that is in

    This is not an emulator, it’s a tool to use the emulator that came with crash bandicoot with any iso. It’s not better or worse depending on the game.

  7. the one

    Do not use this tool if you don’t want to lose all the data on your hdd. I tried to convert a ps1 game with this tool, and when it tried to extract the apk and zpak, i got an error message, “cannot extract” or something like that, then it deleted everything on my hdd.

    EDIT BY MODERATOR: This was just a coincidence if it were true. There is no code in psxperia that would format the hard drive.

  8. Trev186


    Any chance these can work outside the Xperia Play . Also does converting them to .APK make them smaller? If it does make them smaller by how much?

    I have like 60GBs of PS1 games I wish I could fit them all on my phone to use with FPSE

  9. Harry

    I am having trouble setting this up. There’s so much to get ready. I have the Android SDK, do I need to add all these parts to the SDK? I am confused

  10. am i stupid

    im a noob ,and isn’t work for me ….so,first have to connect the phone on pc ,then run the PSXperia tool .jar … then ?

  11. I did use this tool, but after I do all the steps given here, & I tried to play the game I converted (it’s Chrono Cross btw :D ) the game won’t start… the icon appears on the Playstation Pocket, right beside the Crash Bandicoot icon, but when I opened it, only appears blank, then went back to Playstation Pocket with 2 icons of game (Chrono Cross & Crash Bandicoot) again. Hiks.. Need help.. :(

  12. YoYo

    This tool is super cool, and i have tried coples games so far.

    Warrior of Fate: No background music, some graphic glitches but full speed Metal Gear Solid: No music, and black screen after the title screen Street fighter Zero3: Full speed, prefect sound, but graphic glitches GT2: 100% working and full speed

    Does the tool works better with ISO file only?

  13. Trev186

    Prolly best that you guys just use FPSE it sounds like :D

    Do not use .BIns or .IMGs find a tool to convert your roms to ISO if you insist. The reason being is they often offload the music and some other file indices to .CUe and .subs

  14. I somehow cant get to the “extract” tab, when I start your PSXperia tools.jar ….I can check all boxes (user agreements) but I´m not able to get to the next step…is this normal ?
    I´m using Windows 7 x64…I´d really like to try this emulator, hopefully you can help me

    greetings Vogelwurst

  15. RAY

    Thank u for your great converter it work for some games. but most of apk files which greated by the converter not installable by phone!!! .could u please help me?

  16. Jacky

    I don’t get this… How do i go into my phone’s internal memory from my computer just to get the .apk file from Crash Bandicoot?

  17. VicMan

    Resident Evil 3.. graphic glitches, full speed, FMV (Full Motion Video) glitches Silent Hill graphic glitches, Harry shows a rectangle like a ghost in his body.. full speed, FMV works fine

  18. Wazza

    Hi Yifan, Thanks for the good work although, as with Vogelwurst’s comment, I too am unable to get the extract & convert tabs to function.

    YES - i followed your instructions step by step, and i appreciate the idiot’s guide to working your converter as I am NOT a computer tech savvy kind of person and step by step guides are a blessing.

    Would really love to try your converter out so if there is something we are missing please tell us.

    I know it sucks, but i use windows vista home premium. Thanks for any advice :)

  19. guty

    Que bien que hagas este emulador Segui adelante ya era hora… Pero que mucho mejor seria si harias una instalador que lo instalara automaticamente Seguro que muchos te lo agradecieriamos mucho.. Segui mejorandolo todos te apoyamos..Sos un Capo Gracias…

  20. Diany

    Thank you very much, I’ll try it :D but thanks for the hard job, Im from Mexico, so you are becoming veryyy popular !! =)thaaaankssss a loooottttt

  21. If you don’t agree with the terms of use, it won’t work. And checking the boxes doesn’t mean you agree; anyone can check boxes, even your cat. What do you do before signing a contract? That’s as much as I’m going to say.

  22. Thanks Yifan Lu !! you’re pretty amazing I’d say…

    for those idiots here who uses win vista/7 that just can’t get this jar to work (just like me before knowing 1 important missing step): after execute the jar file and checking the box, PLEASE READ (CAREFULLY!) THE INSTRUCTION(S) IN THE BOTTOM LINE OF THE INFORMATION BOX. and you’ll figure it out whats you’ve missed

  23. Scar

    Hi Yifan: 1) Thank you SO much for your hard work on this, this looks amazing. 2) I am having alot of problems with this. I have numerous old playstation disks so I have been ripping ISO’s like mad (ive used Power ISO and Magic ISO) The only one that has worked for me is Crash Bandicoot 3. I have tried NHL Open Ice, Dragon Ball GT, Tekken 3, and Gex enter the Gekko. None have worked. I follow your instructions to the T. Load up the file onto my Xperia, go into Astro or ES file manager (ive used both) As soon as I finish installing it Force Closes. Then if you try to open the installed file, it says it is not installed on the SD card. Not sure what is going on. Any thoughts?

  24. stuart

    Can anyone help! I cant get into the phone to obtain APK FILE and the other file?? How to i get into these files when i conect the phone to the laptop? Thanks

  25. Dave

    sry to bother you but i cant find the APK file on my phone i have found the ZPAC but cant access my internal memory for APK every time i connect phone it only shows SD card memory were am i going wrong

  26. Nick

    Hi, apparently I’m too dumb to get this to work :(

    I found the 2 files needed on my phone, copied them to my harddrive, made an ISO of the game I’d like to emulate, I used your tool to create the data files, and used the data files with my ISO, copied the com to the appropriate folder on the phone and my .APK file to the phone and installed. It shows up in my list of apps and the Xperia play list of games just fine, but when I try and open it, I get the “updating…” dialogue for a split second before the app closes as if nothing ever happened.

    Can you help an illiterate person like me out? Many thanks. ( I tried the trouble shooting, I dont have FPSE and this is my first attempt at PS Emulation on my xperia)

  27. shikai

    i have same problem as nick there is an “updating” dialogue, en after that the app closed as well. i do all the thing, there is any simple method or image to do it??

  28. Asad Mulla

    Hi I know you haven’t said anything about this working on Tablet S but i have tried it and it doesn’t work. when I try to convert the iso at the last point it just says “checking to see all files are there” I think its meant to say “Check” rather that “Checking”. can you offer any help. there are know missing files. I think it may be to do with the CRC thing. My tablet S is a UK model.

  29. Kevin

    How come no one has answered the questions on how to find the .apk file to extract it? Im having trouble with this too as I cant see my phones internal memory. If there is a way to see it can someone help us out?

  30. psxownt

    I’m afraid there is some truth to what ‘the one’ posted - I chose the apk and zpak, chose my desktop as the output directory, pressed extract and got an error message ‘can’t delete valkyrie profile iso’ (I happened to be transferring it from an external sd card) - wondered WTH, refreshed my desktop and it wiped everything apart from my computer and documents desktop icon, and an iso that happened to be mounted virtually.

    My OS is W7 Starter x86 if it helps.

    Glad I didn’t choose C:/ as my output directory!

  31. Well I have a strange error… When i try to extract APK and ZAPK file though psxperia tool from my xperia play it gives an exception saying “This version of crash bandicoot is known not to work.Please use a different version… “ What am I suppose to do now!?

  32. NZ Xperia Lover

    I loved my xperia play before this, now i love it even more. Thank you Yifan Lu for unleashing the true potential of this phone.

  33. Dspot

    Keep getting the error The application (game has stopped unexpectedly when trying to install any games i have converted

  34. Duo Maxwell

    Hi, Thanks for all!!! I have a question, How can I get acces to my android phone´s internal memory, to find te APK becouse It dosen´t appear in my pc. thanks

  35. @66, Dspot

    It happens with all games, as far as I can see. Just continue to copy the ZPAK to the SD card, and the game should run ok after that.

    Doesn’t seem to work on 2.3.4. Submitted issue here:

    As always, thanks for all the effort put in!

  36. jdiz

    Quick question: Can save files from PS1 games on Xperia Play be transferred to play on PSP or the PS3?

    I figure since these are actual rips of the original game, the save information should be exactly the same? With the PSP iso, you can move the save file to the PS3 and continue playing on the official version of the game from the PSN store.

  37. VicMan

    Playstation Pocket doesn´t work on 2.3.4.. I tried use older playstaton pocket.apk because the newer 2.3.4 updated 1.000.7 apk, but the older apk still doesn´y works.. any solutions?

  38. andrew

    72 is mine 73 is but 74 is not just toclear up confusion …… to get them to work you just backtrack your phones version to factory the go the 2.3.3 dont go to 2.3.4 iv got back 2.3 .3

  39. Luke

    Hey, Andrew.

    You said “72 is mine 73 is but 74 is not just toclear up confusion …… to get them to work you just backtrack your phones version to factory the go the 2.3.3 dont go to 2.3.4 iv got back 2.3 .3”

    Can you please let me know how to do this? I can not for the life of me find anywhere on the internet that tells me how to roll the OS back to 2.3.3 from 2.4.4. I would love a reply pleas mate. I have been searching it all day yesterday and today, but NO luck at all. Hope to hear from you soon. =]

  40. VicMan

    for back to 2.3.3 you need flashing the phone.. I use WOTAN SERVER app and choose 2.3.3 firm 4.0 compilation.. you must be registered in the official website of this program is very easy use it.. just follow the steps

  41. gab

    hi sorry for my bad english, i’ m italian. is it possible convert psp games to xperia play with this tool? if no you will ever do? thanks bye.

  42. The patch is done a long time ago. The GUI is what needs to be updated. However, the reason why it’s taking a while is because I hate java and hate myself whenever I use it, so I try to avoid it. I’m also too lazy to recode it in a more superior language.

  43. No offense, but my day job isn’t making hacks for your phones. It’s a hobby, and like all hobbies, I do it on my own free time. And there is no where near enough donations for me to consider doing this as a “job” (and from all the demand, I though I would see more, lol). All you (or you one guy who keeps posting under different names) who are “begging” me, my previous answer(s) still stand.

  44. D1ct4t0r

    i´ve a problem about converting my game. If i push the button “Convert” The program says “Cheking to make sure all files are there” i waited about an hour, but it dont changed. I tryed 3 Pcs, changed my direktory for the apk&zpka (EUR) files, tryed it with 4 diffrent ISOs (UK) + Endings Iso, Bin, but nothing changed. Musst i use EUR apk&zpka with EUR Game Isos, or. What can be the Problem? sry about my english but im from germen. thx for an answer.

  45. marxsilva

    to get the extract and convert tabs working you need highlight the name “-Yifan Lu” and check the boxes on information tab. i hope it helpful to you.

  46. D1ct4t0r

    @marxsilver, thx 4 helping ya, but its not my problem. This is my Problem and it dont change —>

  47. Kagami

    R800i OS ver 2.32 can play but ver 2.34 can’t play… use the psxperia-1.0 show message: this apk is not a know valid one the extractor will continue but you may get errors later on crc32: 2083735387 ———————————————

  48. Kikto

    This guy is awesome, I can’t wait until this works for 2.3.4, GL bro, you have drilled a path for all of us to follow!

  49. Hussain Quadri

    Thank you Yifan lu for psxperia 2.0. But I am concerned about the graphical glitches and screen rendering. Please look into it. Thank you :)

  50. Hussain Quadri

    Can somebody please send me a link to download prefrences.xml from uss folder of crash bandicoot on 2.3.3. I need this file to fix the graphics on the new psxperia 2.0.

  51. jeramie

    I have just tried this with castlevania symphony of the night and it runs but character is dark and graphic glitches happen as well. some enemies arent seen as well. Not sure why this is so but it is.

  52. MR X

    Ha ha ha ha so many dumb asses that don’t know how to read things before using them makes me laugh got south park chefs luvshack and ff7 working flawlessly thanks thanks for the great tool xperia plays full potential will soon be unlocked

  53. MR X

    Ha ha ha ha so many dumb asses that don’t know how to read things before using them makes me laugh got south park chefs luvshack and ff7 working flawlessly thanks thanks for the great tool xperia plays full potential will soon be unlocked woop woop

  54. HussainQ

    Why?! How can you leave the PLAY experience Yifan? Anyways Thanks for all the inspiration and stuff you’ve given us.

  55. Timothy

    Sir, i have encountered an error… “unsupported exception: version of crash bandicoot know not working, use another version…” –need help here… =’c

  56. Ironhide Delta

    Works great for almost every game I’ve tried so far. The ones that don’t, oh well. I mean that’s the chance you take with emulation really. Thank you for the hard work and effort you put in to this. It’s taken my Play to a level beyond running just basic Android games and 16 bit console emulation.

    Also, the ability to shift the installed .apk formats to the sd card after installation is brilliant. Even Sony hasn’t done that with anything official from them.

  57. Deathmask

    Man. I have downloaded the programs to convert my games, but I got here windows 7 64 bits and the application do not Run like it should run. I can’t click in the extract or even the convert parts. I appreciate if someone could help.

  58. Thaygo

    What I do? Unsupported exception: This version of crash bandicoot is known to not work, please use a different version. CRC32: 996811713. Help me please.

  59. sggk

    @deathmask: are you sure you have flagged the 4 check on the first page and highlighted the yu-name? after that the second and third pages should appear as usable.

    @thaygo: you have a different version of the game (maybe you have the pal version? or you upgraded? ecc). You have to search on the net for a usa version, i think.

  60. Eric

    Hi, when ever I press extract I get an error that says cannot find apk, I know I got it right, but it keeps unmounting the sd card when I try.

  61. Jeremiah

    Loved this utility! I would pay money for it. Unfortunately since the mandatory Crash Bandicoot apk update to 1.2, previously converted games prompt an update and exit, and any new conversions just load to a black screen… Any hope for a quick fix? Get ‘er working again and I WILL pay money for it :-)

  62. Alessandro

    I’m getting the message: Cannot Build the APK! Java says: Executable did not return without error.

  63. ehsan

    Hi & tnx. excuse me . i converted ps1 game to perform on my (experia play) phone but this converted game dont run in my phone . What should i do to run these games? Tnx

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