And now for something different...

I usually spend my free time building things or taking them apart. (These things are usually software.) However, this summer, I’ve decided to relax and take a break from all this computer stuff, leaving everything from programming to Twitter to Party poker to you people. I have decided to “experience” one hundred different stories. What do I mean by that? I will read books, watch movies, play games, etc. One hundred in all. After each one, I will collect my thoughts and write a short review on it. If you’re still interested, let’s go dive right into it.


  1. Gao

    Hi, I have a question about kindle: is there any version of busybox for Kindle3 which has built-in all functions and utilities? and any guide for cross compiling the standalone perl/python interpreter on kindle? Thanks.

  2. dave

    Mate I notice a lack of British culture in your top 100 so far. Im not saying read some shakespeare but some of the gangster films we have created are genius! The likes of snatch, layercake and lockstock.

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