Kindle 3.2.1 Jailbreak

UPDATE: Serge A. Levin has kindly modified my “temporary” jailbreak into a more permanent solution. The information below is now considered old and should be disregarded. Link to jailbreak for all devices on all versions.

So I never intended to release a jailbreak for Kindle 3.2.1 because 1) people who got a discount for their Kindles should stick by their commitment and keep the ads and 2) this was an update made purely to disable jailbreaks, so there are no new features. However, from what I heard, more and more people are receiving 3.2.1 as stock firmware (not just ad-supported Kindles) and that people who exchanged their broken Kindles also have 3.2.1. I don’t want to reveal the exploit I found yet (I’m saving it for the next big update), but thankfully, after half an hour of digging, I’ve found another glitch that I can use. The bad news is that this isn’t an “easy one click” jailbreak, it will actually take some effort as some precise timing needs to be correct in order to work.

Technical Details

What is this new glitch you ask? It’s pretty simple and pretty stupid and I feel almost embarrassed to use it (that’s why I’m not even using the word exploit). First of all, the last bug I found was fixed by a regex name check that prevent spaces in names. Now, whenever the Kindle gets an update, before doing anything, it looks for the signature of every file in the update (minus the signature files themselves). They do this by using the “find” command to get a file list and piping the output to “read” where “read” feeds each data (separated by a whitespace) into the signature check function where the function proceeds to use OpenSSL to check the signature. Simple enough. Well, what I want to do is make the signature check ignore a file, and to do it, I make a blank file called “" (literally a backslash). Now it’s hard to explain what happens, so I’ll show you.

Here’s the output of the find command usually:

$ find /tmp/update

Now, when I insert my slash-file:

$ find /tmp/update

What happened? The backslash is used in Linux as an escape character. Basically it says to treat the next character as not-special. Remember that “read” splits the data to be read using whitespace (in this case a new line character), so by escaping the whitespace, I can get the system to ignore /tmp/update/file2.ext, and instead get it to read /tmp/update/tmp/update/file2.ext. In that file, I will include an already signed file from an old Amazon update, and when the updater runs, it ignores the extra files and reads the unsigned file. But we’re not done yet. Amazon doesn’t extract the update to a set folder, it extracts it to /tmp/.update-tmp.\(where\) means the process id of the script running. This can be any number from 1 to 32768. So what’s the elegant solution to this problem? I don’t know yet. Until someone can come up with a better idea, I’m going to include PIDs 5000-7000. From my tests, if you run it immediately after a reboot, it will be 64xx, so it’s a test of how bad you want to jailbreak ;)


Since this jailbreak is time and luck based, I’ve included very detailed directions on the exact timing for doing things in the readme. I suggest reading over the directions before starting, because timing is everything. It works only in a certain window of time after startup, so if it doesn’t work you need to restart and try again. If it doesn’t work after three or more tries, it’s mostly my fault as I only tested it with a Kindle 2 so the timing might be different on the Kindle 3. If you have serial port access on your Kindle 3, send me the otaup log and I’ll change the pid set.


Since this is a temporary fix, I’m not going to add this to my projects list.

Download source and binaries here

EDIT: I’ve heard from some users that you have more chance of succeeding if you don’t have any books to load. So, before doing anything, rename the documents folder to documents.bak and the system folder to system.bak, install the jailbreak, and rename everything back. This should allow more chance of succeeding.

EDIT 2: Some people report turning the wireless off before starting also increases success rates.


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  2. Timothy

    My kindle is special offer K3 3.2.1.

    I have download the zip file and extract it then I see a folder named src, inside which also contains a readme file, and a list of files for different kindles plus a readme file on the top. I was not sure if I need to copy the “src” folder as well. To minimize works, I just copied the appropriate bin file when my kindle boot up. I clicked update and let it ran. At the end, it said the update was successful and restarted automatically.

    Now, I am not sure if the update was “really” success. I want to know if there is anyway I can tell if the jailbreak is success or not….? I know I am asking a stupid question. But I don’t know the answer…plz help~!

  3. Stalard

    It worked great! I have a Kindle 3 Wifi w/o special offers. The jailbreak went smooth and took 5 minutes tops. I then used the screensaver hacks that were released before and they worked just as they’re supposed to.

    Thank you so much! My friend and I each bought Kindle at the same time recently, my FW updated and his didn’t and I have been so jealous of his custom screensavers. Thanks a lot for releasing this, I really appreciate it!

  4. Stalard

    The font hack never really interested me, I don’t see the point. shrug To sound incredibly childish, I just wanted fun pictures.

  5. Uncle Meat

    Clearly I represent a minority, but I have the ad-supported Kindle, love the ads (one-dollar Audible credits? Yes, please.) AND want to jailbreak it. Mostly, I want to play Infocom games on my Kindle, but I imagine that most Kindle with Special Offers users who want to jailbreak are just trying to get rid of the ads.

  6. Hunter

    So, step 3 says:

    3) While the Kindle is starting up, PLUG IN THE USB CABLE IN THE KINDLE AND THE COMPUTER

    Does that mean when it says “Wait while your Kindle starts” or when you see the loading bar?

    Also, once you load up the file onto the Kindle, do you disconnect it as soon as it’s done copying?

  7. Jay

    Thanks! I just used it to break my non-ad supported Kindle 3.2.1 and it worked on the first try. I’m glad I can add my customized screensavers now.

  8. DrK

    Thanks a lot, it’s useful. But my kindle failed. My Kindle is 3.2 (572340009) We hope to get help from you. Sincere thanks.

  9. Heb-Ru

    A jailbreak like yours is also a prerequisite for “innocent” hacks (e.g., adding non-English keyboard layouts and translations of the interface). I don’t own a Kindle but thanks a lot in the name of some foreign users, I guess.

  10. Thanks, this is amazing! I am not sure how to add the random command to the SS function on OS X. I tried to copy the “auto” file and then rename it, but nothing happened. Is there something I am not doing right?

  11. Will

    Hi Yifan Lu, I’ve a Kindle 3 version 3.2.1. I tried to install your jailbreak, but it kept showing error U007, instead of update successful. Is this normal? Thanks.

  12. Jin Kim

    I’ve installed the jailbreak after 3 days’s trial. I think turning-off wifi might be also helpful.

  13. Heb-Ru

    Hello, In the next couple of days I am going to order a Kindle 6” WiFi for my Russian-speaking mother. A jailbreak to install translation of the interface will be a must. Which version of the device (full priced vs. sponsored) would you expect to prove more convenient in terms of jailbreak availability? Your educated guess would be much appreciated.

  14. Giovanny G P

    Excelente, muchas gracias! Ha funcionado el Jailbreak para el Kindle Special Offers 3.2.1!!!

    Excellent! It worked for my Kindle Special Offers 3.2.1!!!! Thanks a lot!!! Greetings from Colombia!!!

  15. matt

    Update successfully! But how to personalize screen saver? Tried to install duokan for K3 ad special 3.2.1, failed. Anyone success duokan after jailbreak?

  16. woo

    I’m in this job you get to the full task list wonkeurikeuro hope “coincidence” that’s too hard, I have suffered three days ㅜ. ㅜ

  17. Amber

    Is it possible to split the difference with an ad-supported Kindle? To add custom screensaver images without getting rid of the ads? Or, at least, to maintain the ads on the Home page?

  18. Simon

    In the readme.txt of the package, it says “k3 = Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (US & Canada) k3g = Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (Elsewhere)”, should it be “k3g = Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (US & Canada) k3gb = Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (Elsewhere)” instead? As I couldn’t find a bin file called k3.

    Thanks for the work Yifan!

  19. mike

    I don´t know if my kindle jailbroke correctly because I still get the banner a the bottom of the homepage… Any help??

  20. CHarlie

    I tried this about three times. I think it is most important to copy the .bin file to the Kindle root and then run it as soon as possible. As a percaution I renamed the ‘document’ folder and put an empty folder named documents in it’s place (then I switched it back later) It worked well!

  21. elale.smth

    It works like a charm. Thanks a lot for your great work, yifan! I’ve JB-ed it, installed usbnetwork and DK on a KSO.

    Several tips/suggestions: 1) Before applying the JB, turn off the wi-fi. (I got 5 or 6 failed trials before I finally noticed this).

    2) If you use Windows, take a look at the drive labelled as “Kindle” when your K3 connected to your computer, and write down it, for example “E:”; then after you restart the K3 and connect K3 to PC with USB cable, run the following script in a CMD window: for /l %i in (1,1,10000000) do dir E: && copy update_jailbreak_0.5_k3w_install.bin E: && exit (it keeps trying to copy the file to that drive and exit once it’s done).

    3) If you wanna install Duokan (for Chinese user), you need first install usbnetwork-0.33, and copy DK’s folders to root of Kindle drive. Then telnet/ssh to kindle via usb or wifi to run the following script on your kindle: sh /mnt/us/DK_System/install/ (this is just the installation script of Duokan, which cannot be executed by its update bin file, so you need to do it manually. Now you can “reboot” your kindle to make it work).

  22. elale.smth

    if you just wanna install DuoKan, usbnetwork is not necessary. Launchpad would be a better tool for it.

  23. Dee

    I can’t get mine to jailbreak. I have 3.2.1 and I copy the .bin file immediately after Windows recognizes it but it’s unclear whether you unplug the Kindle after you do that, or just eject it so that you can get to the settings menu. I copy the bin file as soon as it will take it, then I unplug the Kindle and get to the upgrade as soon as I can… I get the 007 error every time. Ideas?

  24. Tolgame2

    Hey, 3.2.1 non-ad worked great. My timing was terrible and it still worked on the first try. Thanks for your excellent jailbreak!

  25. Squooshie

    My Computer only shows the kindle for a millisecond or less. Then there is a message that no device was detected at the port the kindle is attached to. After the reboot is over i can see it again in explorer but i guess thats too late to copy the jb, isnt it?

  26. K3w

    Kindle 3 wifi without ads is updating to FW 3.2.1 (576290015) and nothing is working óò what can I do, to run JB? I tested all Hints and nothing will work.

  27. C.G.

    The hacked worked!! It helped to turn the wifi off and change the docs to .blank or whatever Yifan said.

    But how do you change the screensaver? Do you need to download another hack?


  28. K3w

    No, it dosn’t work with a Kindle 3 w FW 3.2 automaticaly updated from Amazon via Wifi to FW 3.2.1. After more then 50 trys everytime no access to the Kindle-Drive during the Bootsequenz and then it copys in the last 1/3 of the screen with the Statusbar, the Kindleupdate finished after a short time with a failed-Message and a reboot. -.-

  29. _Zaih_

    Thanks a lot ! Works with Kingle 3 wifi FW 3.2.1 at the first attempt. I have renamed the “document” and “system” folders and put off the wifi like recommended. @k3w : I haven’t the kindle drive during the boot sequence. I have just copy the bin file as soon as the boot sequence is over. In fact, i had a windows with wy computer hard drive open and typing “F5”, “F5” etc… all along the boot sequence. As soon as i see “kindle” (It appears as soon as the boot sequence seems over).

  30. vlad7355

    i have got the same “Error 3” during update. Befor copy bin-file I renamed folders doc and system with .bak, and after copy .bin file renamed all back and start Restart. And… got error 3. Pls help !!!

  31. amethe

    No one of the JB worked yet on my K3w. Just to double check again: I have a 3.2 FW (572340009) non-add version. Did also a factory reset, just to be clean. Restarted and applied the JB for 3.1, (..04_kw3..), fails with U006. Is this the right JB to apply for 3.2? Tried the 3.2.1 JB (..05_kw3..) even shell assisted because the timing, no luck either. Which JB version should I keep trying? Thanks!

  32. K3w

    @amethe: JB-File from FW 3.2 is like 3.1 and can use with the “normal” JB-Version 0.7.

  33. Mads Skipper

    Just wonder, if I buy a Kindle DX Graphite will I be able to get the 3.0+ firmware on it? I just wonder as it looks like amazon will not release the kindle 3 features to the Kindle DX (Which is wierd as its 3 times more expensive :S) I will use it for viewing programming PDF books so good PDF support is a must and from what I understand the Kindle 3 supports it much better than the Kindle DX Graphite after getting updates, but I want the big screen!

    Hope you can answer this while my brother is in the states so he can buy one for me if this is possible :)

  34. Have you read any of my posts under the kindle category?

  35. Mads Skipper

    So that means that if I get the DX I also have to get the Kindle 3 in order to update the DX? Because then its getting way to expensive :(

  36. I think I’ve posted this before:

    Someone pre-made an image using my script.

  37. Mads Skipper

    But just to confirm, if I get the 3.2.1 firmware on the DX then I get all the PDF functionality that the Kindle 3 has right?

  38. Pbcal

    I posted this on Is it possible:

    Instead of doing “Update your Kindle” if we do a simple “Restart”, on restart the kindle will see the bin file and try to load the update. Since in this case the kindle will initiate the update process id will be within a smaller range and will increase the success rate.

    I am very new to Kindle world. Forgive me if I am wrong.

  39. Zakk_N_Hack

    Thanks, seems to have worked first time, I practiced on a USB harddrive in linux then pulled my freshly [unwashed] replacement kindle3 v3.2.1 from its Amazon box. Now trying to find my back-up stuff. Can you just copy docs folder out, last kindle had 20 some pages.

  40. EXR

    Perl script:

    Detects the Kindle volume, copies the jailbeak file and ejects the Kindle volume. It’s impossible to do it faster.

    Written for Mac OSX, but could be adapted easily for any OS.


  41. Calvert

    I finally got the hack to install properly, put in my new screensavers however the Kindle still refuses to load them. I still get only the ad-based ones that came with the machine. I don’t mind keeping the ad-based screensavers but I would like to see mine as well.

  42. For cryin out loud

    Please just publish an easy click-n-hack for us that don’t want to figure out how to get perl to execute on an old xp machine etc.


  43. I never said anything about Perl. It’s really as simple as following directions. Hundreds of others got it to work. If you can’t figure it out, I’m afraid you shouldn’t jailbreak your kindle as you may break it.

  44. K3w

    I tested it more then 100 times and it runs with a break or with an Error 3. I think it gives more than one Build of 3.2.1. The Build 576290015 can’t probably jailbreak. I tested it with all tipps there listed and really nothing will work. Can anybody tell me the Buildnumber of his jailbreaked 3.2.1? Have it a different Buildnumber? It’s the number in parentheses after the 3.2.1.

  45. WtbWorkingDKfor3.2.1

    @K3w Jailbroken as of yesterday using this on a KSO 3.2.1(576290015), second try copying the .bin over manually then ejecting. I didnt need to use any of the scripts posted. The first attempt, I just tried a restart as mentioned by someone, but it didnt take. Second attempt worked fine using update instead of just a restart. I had wireless off, and renamed “documents” to “documents.bak” and created a new empty documents folder.

  46. BWS

    KSO 3.2.1 (576290015):

    Just arrived at my door yesterday, June 23. I have tried running the jailbreak 40 times or so with no success. Exclamation point and error code every time. I’ve tried all of the aforementioned methods as well as some others. I ran the terminal script to do the instant copy and eject, Wi-Fi on, Wi-Fi off, registered, unregistered, reset to factory defaults, changed documents and settings folders, left them as they were, left no folders whatsoever, used the update your kindle method, used the restart method, etc… I suppose mine is just unbreakable :/

  47. BWS

    Thought I should add this:

    Progress bar loads about 1/8 of the way, then the error message reads:

    “The update was not successful”

    U007 [bottom left]

  48. JD

    Thanks so much for the jailbreak. After several tries, I successfully got it to work once I disabled the WIFI.

  49. Happy Kindle

    Just got in a Kindle this week, ran it. First time I was slow and when it restarted I got the Update 3 error. Second time around I timed it well and the update completed.

    Thank You.

    Kindle Wifi (non 3g - non ad support)

  50. K3w

    At which moment the usb-cable putting into the Kindle? On the Screen with the Loadingbar or the Screen before with the Message “Please wait a moment while your Kindle starts up.”?

  51. Rion

    I’m confused about one detail in the instructions and perhaps it is why my many attempts have failed. My kindle does not have a system folder on it.

  52. K3w

    @Rion: The folder “system” on Kindle is hidden. You must say Windows in his Options, that you will see System-files in the Windows-Explorer.

  53. RobK

    Bummer. I’ve tried a dozen or so times on a Mac and PC, wifi on/off, folders renamed .bak etc. No joy. I just received my Kindle wifi (no ads version) had 3.2.1 installed. :(

  54. Rion

    Yes, I have the see hidden folders enabled. Could Calibre be causing my problems? I have it turned off, but it leaves nfo files on the kindle.

  55. WtbWorkingDKfor3.2.1

    @K3w I plugged the USB in on the screen that “Please wait while your Kindle starts up”

  56. K3w

    @WtbWorkingDKfor3.2.1: Thx for information, but it don’t work. I tested it again and also with an other PC. Nothing -.-

  57. Squooshie

    Great. Now there actually is a special offer i would like to take ( 10 $ off on video games) but i cant, cause i live in germany and not in the US . Thx Amazon!

    Isnt it possible to use your kindle custom kernel to change my os from 3.2.1 to 3.1 ?

  58. shearz

    hi Yifan Lu.. thx 4 d tip.. but Im having a prob I was successfully update my Kso but the ads are still there..? i dunno what to do next.. (?_?)

  59. K3w

    @Yifan Lu: I have a from 4.2 to 4.2.1 updated Kindle 3 w (with non ads) and the jailbreak will not run with all tips and tricks I looked for here on the website. Have you planed for future a easier installation? I missed features as Umlauts (äöüÄÖÜß) that I can install on a jailbreaked kindle.

  60. Marc Tew

    Worked great on my 3.2.1 Kindle 3 using Windows 7. Kindle didn’t mount until the reboot had completed though and I didnt bother renaming Docs or System.

  61. J Sharp

    I have a kindle 3.2.1 without special offers and am very happy with Yifan’s jailbreak. The only thing I had problems with was getting it installed, and after I realized my mistake it was very simple to add this jb. For those of you who are having trouble getting it to work make sure that you unplug the usb cord from both the kindle and your computer!!! Even though this step is in caps in the instructions, I failed to take heed of it for about 8 tries. So learn from this fool’s mistake and make sure that the cord is unplugged from both computer and kindle when it is restarting.

  62. Rupturebln

    @J Sharp: thx for your tip. However every time when i do so, Kindle can’t connect with my computer. “currently your kindle is not charging”

  63. Ekaitz

    Thank you! It worked on the first try and it was the first time I do something like this. I was to wait for your next jailbreak package, but I really wanted to change the screensavers…

  64. K3w

    No, i tested it and it doesn’t work with my kindle -.- Errors U006 and U007 are every time. I must have to wait för a future installationversion of jb.

  65. wmw

    I don’t see UPDATE after entering Settings? What am I doing wrong? I copied the correct .bin file over into the Root Kindle directory. I’ve turned off wireless.

  66. PrickleyPete

    EXACT STEPS FOR SUCCESS: ver. 3.2.1 wifi no ads

    1. Connect Kindle to PC/MAC
    2. Rename documents folder to documents.bak
    3. Disconnect Kindle from PC/MAC
    4. Remove cable from BOTH PC/MAC and Kindle
    5. Restart Kindle: From Menu/Settings - Menu, Restart
    6. Once first Logo on screen appears, Connect cable to Kindle, then quickly connect cable to PC/MAC
    7. Immediately when the Kindle appears in Explorer/Finder, copy appropriate BIN file to “root” directory of Kindle
    8. Eject Kindle from PC/MAC, keeping the cable connected on both sides.
    9. Update your Kindle: From Menu/Settings - Menu, Update Your Kindle
    10. Kindle should go ok, however, will not appear in Explorer or Finder
    11. Disconnect cable from Kindle, reconnect to Kindle (all the while keeping cable in the PC/MAC).
    12. Access your Kindle, delete documents folder (created new on update) - Rename your documents.bak folder to documents
    13. Unlucky number 13 that is it……..
  67. Emilie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I have Kindle with 3G (without special offers) running 3.2.1 and this jailbreak worked perfectly the first time! I followed your instructions and turned off wireless and changed the names of my document and system folders before proceeding and it worked like a dream.

  68. Sam

    I attempted this several times tonight. It worked, but de-registered my Kindle from Amazon. So when I re-registered, all of my screensavers disappeared. Now back to normal, boring screensavers. When I plug my Kindle up to my computer it is still showing that I have the screensavers, but they aren’t working anymore. I have restarted several times as well and nothing has changed. Thanks anyway. =)

  69. Mystic

    I tried, and tried, and tried and tried.. And in the end it worked!! Thanks :D Now I have tons of wonderful screensavers!

  70. Sophie Lagacé

    You totally rock. It worked on my Kindle 3G 3.2.1 + Ubuntu 10.04. The recursive, time-sensitive steps are indeed annoying, but they work!

  71. Ali C.

    Hello, First of all thank you for your work. Second, I’ve managed to install the jailbreak,at least there was nothing to indicate that I failed to do so,after I installed the bin file there was a tick on the screen telling me that the installination was successful.

    After this step,I tried installing the screensaver hack called “”,even though it says that the update is succesfully installed,I somehow cant get it to work,I have rebooted and added another wallpaper but no use.

    Any help would be appericiated.

  72. AJErazzor

    Same here 576290015 wont install - only appears very late - just before boot is finished - as a drive in windows you can copy to (is there as a greyed out drive earlier..) does anyone know when next kindle update is coming or is it worth making proper jb for this version?

  73. sl4dy

    I have 576290015 build of 3.2.1 and I followed the instructions and update was successful on second retry, however now I have option “Update your kindle” grayed out. Does that mean it has failed? Probably yes, as I can’t install any other hacks. Thx for any hints.

  74. Hackmemad

    Could you please include the point about turning off the Wifi in the README? I tried around a dozen times before it, and it never worked. After turning it off, worked in a single try.

  75. I have Kindle 3 WiFi 3.2.1 (576290015). this jailbreak and Czech translate works!

  76. falconium

    It worked for me for the first time!

    I disabled wifi right after unpacking it. I followed the instruction and when I had reached the phase of restart, I connected the USB cable immediately after the notification of restart. I had to wait until the system came up and it showed the USB connection active screen, then I copied only the bin file into the root of opening explorer window. Couple of minutes elapsed, then finally it displayed the check mark!

    Thanks, Yifan!

  77. Horizon21

    Yes! Follow PrickleyPete’s guide posted here and you will succeed in rooting your kindle! Mine is with Special Offers. I just needed to install launchpad…

  78. kindle User

    I just successfully installed the update_jailbreak_0.5k3w_install.bin with just one try from the readme instruction with my iMac. I have a kindle 3.2.1 (576290015) ads edition. The question what can I use the newly jailbreak for?

  79. AJErazzor

    Can anyone help me - I am using windows 7 and the kindle “drive” doesnt appear until really late in the boot of the device, sometimes until it is just closing the boot screen to the books list - is this normal and this is where people say timing has to be right?

  80. Edward Burr

    Thanks for the jailbreak. I replaced the screensaver (non-ad version) with a simple “This book belongs to:” with my name and phone number, just in case I lose it. I can’t believe Amazon doesn’t give an option to do that.

  81. KabutoHunter

    Thanks for this! I was pretty bummed when I found my newly purchased Kindle didn’t work with the old hack, and dumbfounded as to why Amazon doesn’t let you add your own screensavers by default. Literary figures are nice and all, but not very hip.

    Anyway, the exploit worked perfectly with my 3.2.1 Kindle 3 Wi-Fi (non-ad) on the very first try. Just follow the steps in the read me and there’s nothing to it.

  82. Thanks a million for this, my kindle got replaced under warranty and came with 3.2.1 preventing me from jail breaking it, worked perfectly on my first time.

  83. Lorz

    The update worked perfectly on my replacement (no ads) kindle with 3.2.1 Chose the right files, and installed them in a few minutes. Transferring all the content of the old kindle to the new one now.

    Thanx a lot!

  84. yanko

    I’ve tried all of the instructions precisely connected to both a windows xp and a windows 7 machines. CAn not get it to work. I jsut got my kidnel today 3.2.1 (576290015) This is a non-ad kindle, which I bought specifically because I wanted to be able to change my screen saver.. I thought it would not be possible wityh the special offers.

    I can not wait until the next major update comes so we can see the better hack. =)

  85. kirish

    I got the jailbreak to work successfully on my 3.2.1 (spec offers version), and uploaded some custom screensavers. It worked beautifully until I turned the wifi back on, at which point the ad supported screensavers and banners came back, replacing my custom screensavers. I still see my custom screensavers in the linkss folder when I plug it in though. Any ideas on how to get the customs to stay put when wireless is activated??

  86. Kirill

    Hi everybody… actually u don’t need to reset your Kindle and hurry up to plug your cable in … and swear because your Kindle isn’t detected by your OS on time.,, if you have Mac Os or linux, just open terminal/ console and copy update*.bin file using dd command. for example if the downloaded folder is in Downloads you just type

    dd if=/Users/YOUR_NAME/Downloads/kindle-3.2.1-jailbreak-0.5/update_jailbreak_0.5_k3w_install.bin of=/Volumes/Kindle/update_jailbreak_0.5_k3w_install.bin

  87. test_tube_baby

    Hey Mr. Lu. It worked for me! I was so glad! but then I registered my kindle, shopped on the kindle store for a bit. Then BAM! I put my phone into sleep and the ads come back again! the LinkSS folder still exists and custom screensavers exist inside the screensaver folder, but they won’t display anymore like they used to before I registered my kindle.

    Any thoughts? Thanks test tube baby

  88. yanko

    I paid more to get a kindle without ads. I dont understand why people with ads are able to jb and I can not..

    I’ve tried this over 50 times on 3 different machines now.

  89. Great work that you’re doing there! Somehow I got this kindle with a broken screen, so I wonder how that nice piece of hardware could be used without the screen. It’s still useful as an mp3 player, but with only AltSpace and AltF there is not a lot of options. and an mp3 player with wifi and potential 3g etc.. could be much more useful.

    It would be great to repurpose the kindle (maybe with texttospeech output) and be able to use it as a internet radio or as such. any ideas?

  90. 23skidoo

    wow… about 10 times… and it WORKED!…whew… the one thing i did that pushed it over the top was turning off WIFI. thanks m8!

  91. chinese chess,kindle-chinese-chess

    for kindle 3g wifi, 3.2.1,after Jailbreak, where/ how can I find the /linkjail/etc/whitelist??

    thank you

  92. simika

    Boy, I have Kindle 3Wifi and it worked perfectly, thank you!!!! I just have no books uploaded and wifi was off.

  93. Can you tell me where to download a backup of 3.1 rootfs.img? Also, does the attached to this Jailbreak download have the –fb option that I will need for the downgrade, and how would I go about putting the 3.1 rootfs.img in the update file? I tried this several times with my Kindle 3.2.1 3G and it never worked. I read all of the comments and tried all the tips. I saw in comment 87, you said how to downgrade to 3.1. I think this would be my best option, as I would also like to install the English version of Duokon so I can reflow text in PDFs. I also want to fix the linking in the web browser once I jailbreak it (right now none of the links set to open in a new tab or window will open at all, even in the same window).

    If you could make this downgrade file (3.2.1 to 3.1.) so I could just copy it over to the kindle, I would greatly appreciate it! If not, a walk through of the process would also be very helpful. Thank you so much!

  94. Shishigami

    I’m totally convinced that this doesn’t work for Kindle 3 wifi + 3G U.S. with special promotions.

    I’ve tried so many times… :(

    anyone had success with this same set up?

  95. Technocat

    This is great, but it didn’t work. I have the kindle 3.2.1 wifi, it just has pics of emily dickenson, jules verne, etc - no ads, so these get boring fast. I would love to have these screensavers plus my own, I don’t know why Amazon would be opposed to that; or just my own would be great - so anyway I am trying to use your jailbreak, but it didn’t work? Any advice, please help…

    I suspect your enticement: “If you have serial port access on your Kindle 3, send me the otaup log and I’ll change the pid set” might need doing, but I have no idea what that means in plain English!

    Please help!

  96. Technocat

    Nevermind my initial comment, I followed the steps from Prickly Pete above and pasted here and it worked like a dream, thanks all:

    EXACT STEPS FOR SUCCESS: ver. 3.2.1 wifi no ads

    1. Connect Kindle to PC/MAC
    2. Rename documents folder to documents.bak
    3. Disconnect Kindle from PC/MAC
    4. Remove cable from BOTH PC/MAC and Kindle
    5. Restart Kindle: From Menu/Settings – Menu, Restart
    6. Once first Logo on screen appears, Connect cable to Kindle, then quickly connect cable to PC/MAC
    7. Immediately when the Kindle appears in Explorer/Finder, copy appropriate BIN file to “root” directory of Kindle
    8. Eject Kindle from PC/MAC, keeping the cable connected on both sides.
    9. Update your Kindle: From Menu/Settings – Menu, Update Your Kindle
    10. Kindle should go ok, however, will not appear in Explorer or Finder
    11. Disconnect cable from Kindle, reconnect to Kindle (all the while keeping cable in the PC/MAC).
    12. Access your Kindle, delete documents folder (created new on update) – Rename your documents.bak folder to documents
    13. Unlucky number 13 that is it……..

    Comment by PrickleyPete — July 21, 2011 @ 11:28 am

  97. Todd

    UPDATE for those still having problems

    This did not show up when I tried to post the first time, but since it is important, I will repost

    Kindle 3.2.1 (576290015) special offers works but still might have ! instead of check mark.

    If your error report says U007 at the bottom left of the Kindle, there is a good chance your jailbreak might have worked. Mine did.

    Try installing Duokon or the screensaver thing. If you read PDFs, you should definitely consider Duokon for the text reflow and manual trimming funtctions.

    If you have tried this jailbreak over and over and got it to work this time, I recommend backing your Kindle up, doing a factory reset, and then reapplying the jailbreak. You can then copy your documents back over. This shouldn’t hurt, and will help assure that you didn’t do any damage while tampering with it trying to get the jailbreak to work.

    Also, I think it is worth mentioning on here: if you use your kindle to browse, you may have noticed links that or set to open in a new window do not work. There is a fix for this at Grab at post number 43 and follow the instructions on post 46. This redirects links set to open in a new window so that they can open in the same window. Thanks to kindle3zeng for the mod. Also, if anyone knows where I can get that libwebkit file (different mod for the same purpose) please share! I’d like to try it out, but I could not find it on the link given in the thread: I do not know Chinese, but I tried clicking several of the links, and none of them seemed to have opened a download for I would really appreciate it! I think this mod might suit my need better.

    Thanks Yifan Lu for the awesome jailbreak! I now have Duokon and working weblinks which are really making things much better for browsing and pdfs.

  98. rixbee

    I received also with 3.2.1 my new standard Kindle WIFI, so it seems to be the basic firmware for the future.

  99. Alec

    Tried this quite a few times on my UK Kindle 3.2.1 WiFi, which is a replacement for a broken one. No joy so far, despite being super-speedy with copying over the file :-(

  100. cristina

    hey, thank you very much! the jailbreak went great. I had a 3.1 one that broke and got the 3.2.1 and was upset about the jailbreak not working. now all is well again in the world. keep on doing what you’re doing, it’s much appreciated!

  101. ivan

    Thank you very much. It worked well on the second try and finally I get rid of that creepy screensaver. It was most helpful to follow suggestions 1 and 2 by Charlie (#post 38). Do not forget to change directory to the one where update_jailbreak_0.5_k3w_install.bin file is before you run a script.

    Awesome, Thanks again guys!!!!

  102. Missa

    I had a kindle 3 with version 3.1 on it and I had to send it back because of the screen freeze failure. Now the new one they have shipped me as a replacement is 3.2.1 (576290015).

    I really want to be able to customize the screensaver, but I can’t get the jb to work.

    I have tried renaming the documents and system folders with the wireless turned off. I do a restart, hook it to the usb while its booting up, copy over the bin file, disconnect. In my menus the option to update is always grayed out, so I have restarted it. I was getting an error 3 or nothing happened at all. Either way, its not working.


  103. I intalled this jalbreak, but does it supposed to solve the “create a new collection” problem? Because mine still stayed gray after this process. I did everything as told I got the thick at the end of install. I think mine is blacklisted because my girlfriend ordered one from amazon and they sent her two, but we could only register one of them… I was trying to find the solution to solve the grayed out options problem but still nothing… Anybody ANY ideas??????

  104. Rob

    Just an idea: In case it won’t work, would it be possible to downgrade from 3.2.1 to 3.1 and then install the 3.1 jailbreak?

    The 3.1 binary for WiFi is available at:

  105. Oithelas

    Thank you so much!! I have a Kindle 3 with wifi and 3G(international), the no advertisement version and the jailbreak worked like a charm. It took my a while to set it up from the lack of experience doing this sort of thing but I eventually was able to do everything on time and can can now have my beautiful personal screensavers! :)

  106. falconium

    I ordered one for my mother after I successfully jailbroke the first one, but it always gave U007. After like 15 tries I tried to install usbnetwork hack and it worked! Can it be so that it is just giving the error, but it actually works?

  107. Jeremy

    I have the Kindle 3.2 with special offers, and I successfully got the jailbreak to upgrade and I also I did a SS upgrade… but I still see the ad boxes. Will they still still be there or will they go away after I put my own screensavers on there?

  108. Onion

    Great! I’ve jailbreak-ed it with:

    1. Restart kindle
    2. Rename the documents folder to document.bak and add a new empty documents folder
    3. In window explorer, eject the kindle drive
    4. unplug the usb cable
    5. [menu] -> settings -> [menu] -> upgrade kindle

    I’ve tried it ~10 times and success finally~!


  109. I intalled this jalbreak, but does it supposed to solve the “create a new collection” problem? Because mine still stayed gray after this process. I did everything as told I got the thick at the end of install. I think mine is blacklisted because my girlfriend ordered one from amazon and they sent her two, but we could only register one of them… I was trying to find the solution to solve the grayed out options problem but still nothing… Anybody ANY ideas??????

    Yifan Lu please help me!!!

  110. Ein Balagtas

    Hi. First of all, I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for all of us here. :) You’ve dedicated your time and effort to create this programs/codes for everyone. I wish I was as savvy with codes as you are so I could also do the same thing. :) By the way, is there any way that you’ll release a jailbreaker for those Kindle with special offers? I bought one without special offers for $145 but when it broke, the new one they sent as replacement was a Kindle with special offers. >.< I couldn't bring myself to call them again and complain since they already replaced it so I'm trying other options. Sorry if I'm pushing my luck a bit by posting this. I hope I don't offend you or anything. Thank you and God bless!

  111. Alex

    The jailbreak may be for the Kindle with special offers but it doesn’t seem to work on my 3 day old Kindle Keyboard (3) 3.2.1 WiFi/3G reader. I run the correct break according to your docs and am told the install is successful but the ads stay there. I also tried running a screensaver hack after the break but it fails and the ads are still there. Any ideas? (beside telling me where to stick my Kindle, I mean) :-)

    I really don’t mind the adverts but thought it might be nice to put my own custom screensaver on board, just for a wheeze.

    Thanks for your time and efforts on behalf of we Kindle owners.

  112. I said this literally 17 times now. Jailbreak does NOT (I repeat: NOT) remove ads. If you want to remove ads, jailbreak is not what you’re looking for.

  113. Alex


    This jailbreak is for kindle with special offers.

    Comment by Yifan Lu — October 13, 2011 @ 3:47 pm

    Which I took to mean it removes ads. Sorry you were so unclear about it. Maybe you should strive to make yourself understood instead of getting bent at people. :-)

  114. Alex

    So please read comments 180 and 181 again and tell me if it sounds like the person in 180 was upset about ads and your answer in 181 says the jailbreak IS for Kindles with ads……….. Think it would sound that way to most people.

  115. Again, you misunderstood the word “jailbreak”. It has nothing to do with removing ads. It allows you to run custom software on your ad supported kindle. I’m not mad at you, but at the fact that so many people do not read. You don’t have to get all passive aggressive with me, I’m not your mother.

  116. Alex

    COMMENT 186 - 10/14/2011 Yifan Lu: “I’m not mad at you, but at the fact that so many people do not read. You don’t have to get all passive aggressive with me, I’m not your mother.”

    Active aggression is more than possible, but I’d rather not waste time schooling the verbally challenged. I DO read and when writing is done in a clear, concise manner there is no misunderstanding. You need to stop being snotty and simply cope with the fact some will seek further clarification due to your obtuse writing style.

  117. Renat

    Tell me please, where I can find an ‘uninstall’ to this version of jailbreak? Because my HDD is dead now, so uninstall too. So, I can remove it from my device. Thank you.

  118. Ali

    I cannot update my kindle 3.2.1 to 3.3, it fails after showing “successful” once, I guess its trying to update via wifi and is eating my monthly traffic. I guess it’s because of modifications I’ve made. how can I restore the original files and try to update it. (not factory settings) thanks

  119. […] 1. Kindle 3(wifi广告版) 越狱kindle 版本3.2.1今天刚出的,拿自己的k3广告版试了试,ok!跟大家分享下!有兴趣的可以试试!作者原帖:安装步骤:The following is your BEST CHANCE at getting it to work:    按照下面的步骤操作将最有可能成功1) Go to the Settings page via Menu -> Settings      通过Menu->Setting进入Setting2) Press “Menu” and select “Restart”   按”Menu” 键然后选择 “Restart”重启3) While the Kindle is starting up, PLUG IN THE USB CABLE IN THE KINDLE AND THE COMPUTER当k3在重启中时,用usb连接线连接kindle和电脑 […]

  120. Nyeron

    Hello, I am having trouble with my kindle 3g+wifi 3.2.1 us

    After much reading I feel like my problem is from trying to jailbreak too many times. I have had this kindle for around a year, when i first got it I jailbroke it very simply and installed the screensaver hack so i could get my own screensavers. It was all soooo easy. Now today I decided to download a book off of and registered my kindle, downloaded my book, and then found along with my book and registration I got a bunch of annoying Adds. Proceeded to look online for a fix. Used this and it seemed to work, although I never could find the system folder so i just added the .assets part to the root. And it removed the adds YEAH!… then my problems began.

    So at this point I have restored to factory,got rid of the adds, and now want to reinstall my screen saver hack. Alas to no avail. Tried to instal jailbreak, failed with error u006, ok expected that, but then get error u007 when trying to instal ss hack. after many other jailbreak attempts and restores and restarts, nothing I am trying to install works. Reading has only led me to believe I should have at some point uninstalled the updates to bring me back to somewhere that I am now unable to find. If anyone can help me reset my kindle to back in the box settings I would greatly appreciate it. Also I hope this can be a warning for someone who unknowingly might end up here. ONE great news though is my although my kindle is no longer jailbroke, I can still restore to factory settings and get boring lame screensavers and it still works. I’ll end in saying Thank you in advance for all the help I hope I may receive and beware if fooling with things you dont understand lol.

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