Kindle GUI Launcher

Only compatible with Kindle Touch. This will add a new menu option named “Launcher” on the Kindle’s home screen and inside books. This option will open a menu with options to launch custom scripts and Java apps. Included are two scripts to change screen orientation and to enable/disable usbnetworking.

See the JavaDocs for more information on developing and extending the launcher.

Please note that you mustΒ jailbreakΒ your Kindle before installing this package.


  • 2012-01-29: Fixed rotation for 5.0.3
  • 2012-01-12


screen screen

Additional Information

Project Link
Version: 1.0
Released: January 12, 2012
Updated: January 29, 2012

45 thoughts on “Kindle GUI Launcher

  1. Johnie says:

    Yifan, do you think if we jailbreak it your way after the update we will lose the ssh? Is there a way to make it work even after future updates (once jailbroken now).

    Also do you have any idea how to make the browser active with 3G (now it looks for WiFi only, not like the older model where 3G was possible)

  2. Yukkuri Shitteitene says:

    I have a probably fairly stupid question: how exactly do I install this, after having set up the jailbreak? I have not found any explanations in the readme or elsewhere on this site.

  3. Yukkuri Shitteitene says:

    In hindsight, never mind that, it seems I just failed to find the non-developer version here.

  4. Marek says:

    Yafan, I’ve done the jailbreak (great job on that) but I don’t really get how to install the Launcher. Could you write a brief tutorial on that? Or am I really that dumb?

  5. Please reduce (left and right) margins when opening PDF in landscape mode says:

    Yifan, thank you very much for the great job you’ve done. It was a pain to use kindle touch in portrait mode only. However, when opening a PDF file in landscape mode by using the Kindle GUI Launcher, the margins are very wide, which means substantially less screen real estate to display contents. Can you please update the screen orientation script to reduce margins (especially left and white ones) to zero. Thank you very very much in advance and best wishes to you.

  6. Jamie says:

    Yifan, thanks again for the great work you are doing. Amazon should employ you rather than writing updates to ‘fix’ holes. Like Marek, I am totally new to this Kindle thing and would like to install the GUI Launcher. I downloaded the zip file from the link above, but what do I do with the files/folders? README just says ‘More to come’. Even if you could point me to a site where I could find the answer, I’d be grateful. Thanks.

  7. Sebastian says:

    Hello Yifan, Thanks for this great looking launcher, but I am at a loss on how to install it. You say to just copy the update file, what update file? The (yifanluKindleLauncher-2b46b72.tar)and place it into the main root of the kindle? I have done so, but I do not see any option to update it via kindle update. I have checked the amazon site, and updates should be in .bin if I understand correctly. I would really like to have rotation, but even the readme you have only says “More coming soon…” with no helpful instructions on it. If you could please give a step by step of which exact file should be placed where, I would very much appreciate it and so would the others here who do not know how to install .tar.gz files. Thank you for your time.

  8. Marek says:

    when you go to the download page, click on “download as zip” (

    Then take the “update_launcher_1.0_install.bin” and copy it right into the root folder (the first one when you open up Kindle’s drive). Then unplug and update, just as Yifan said. It should work…

    Thank you for the help, Yifan. It works and it’s cool.

  9. Jamie says:

    Yifan, thanks for your help, I appreciate that greatly. GUI loaded successfully and is working beautifully.

  10. Doug says:

    I have the latest update from amazon 5.0.3 inatalled and was able to jailbreak my kindle touch.
    I downloaded the kindle_launcher zip file and unzipped it. I copied the two bin files plus the two folders to the root directory of the kindle touch and upgraded my kindle touch. Message came back that upgrade was unsuccessful so I restarted my kindle touch. The extra menu item had been installed anyway, and I now have landscape setting on my kindle touch. Love it.

  11. Doug says:

    New update. Rotating right, some of the words on the right side ar cut off or not complete when the restarts on the left side. So upgrade was unsuccessful after all.

  12. nycmon says:

    yea i’m getting the “update was not successful” message as well…i copied the update_launcher_1.0.1_install.bin over to the root of my kindle and went to settings>menu>update my kindle but this does not seem to be working….please advise

  13. nycmon says:

    wtf? after i got that update failed msg it restarted and installed update AGAIN and said it was successful this time… but after restarting I am not seeing any launcher options at all in the menu options… this working or what?

  14. Andrew says:

    Hi nycmon!
    I have the same issue. I did the jailbreak, copied over the update file, and tapped the update option. My Kindle succesfully updated, but there were no Launcher option in the (main) menu list… πŸ™

    Did you solved this problem?

  15. Matthew says:

    Im confused over the directions, can you specify where you put the files inside of the src folder. I also have the update failed error.

  16. Zoltan says:


    Thanks for the great job! πŸ™‚ I have one tiny problem though:
    I installed the launcher and apparently I can’t have more than 4 menuitems in the list. How can I make them all appear?

  17. Mahmoud says:

    should I restart or just update? till now the updates “1.2.2” and “1.0.1” does not sucess on my 5.1.2

  18. Trent says:

    Does not work on kindle paperwhite (5.2.0). As soon as the bin file is dropped in the root directory and the kindle is unmounted, the bin file disappears. The “update your kindle” is greyed out and rebooting did not install it either.

  19. Cal says:

    Well, I am thoroughly confused. Please, just a couple of instructions next time? The posts here indicate that nobody really has a clue what they are meant to be doing…

  20. too says:

    Take it for granted: This project was abandoned.


    The headline of this article states:

    “Version: 1.0 Released: January 12, 2012 Updated: January 29, 2012”

    Seems, the developper released the first version over 3 years(!) ago and fixed some minor things two weaks later. Since then no further update has been confirmed. Most probably this was a personal trial project of the developer. He got something useful to work for him and released it to the public. Then he lost interest and finally left this project alone.

    FYI, it still works on my (old / first generation) Kindle Touch.

  21. Piotr says:

    Thanks for your answers.
    I’m already using KUAL and it works well, but I have problems with running applications kinamp and mplayer. I’m looking for a way to listen to streaming radio via wifi when I’m reading books.

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