This tool will take a PSX image that you legally own and convert it to be playable on the Xperia Play with the emulator extracted from the packaged game “Crash Bandicoot.”

To build, you need to copy the following to the “lib” directory

You also need a copy of “aapt” from Android SDK (under platform-tools)

  • OSX version named aapt-osx
  • Windows version named aapt-windows.exe
  • Linux version named aapt-linux Put these in the “resources” directory

Finally, you need my PSXperia wrapper library (compiled) in the “resources” directory

To run the GUI, use “java -jar PSXperiaTool.jar” To run the command line tool, use “java -cp PSXperiaTool.jar com.yifanlu.PSXperiaTool.Interface.CommandLine” to see usage directions, which is also listed below for your convenience.

Usage: Extract and patch data files psxperia e[x]tract [-v|–verbose] input.apk input-data.zpak output [-v|–verbose] Verbose output input.apk Either or input-data.zpak Either NCUA94900_1_1.zpak or NCEA00344_1_1.zpak (must match region of APK) output Directory to extract the files

Convert ISO to Xperia Play APK and ZPAK psxperia [c]onvert [OPTIONS] titleId image.iso output titleId An unique ID, usually from the game in the format NCXAXXXXX_1 image.iso Input PSX image. You must rip it on your own! output Directory to output files Options (unset options will be set to defaults): -v|–verbose Verbose output, including image creation progress -D directory Custom location for extracted data files, default is “./data” –load-xml Load options from Java properties XML –game-name Name of the game –description Description of the game –publisher Publisher of the game –developer Developer of the game –icon-file Path to image for icon –store-type Where to find this title (any string will do) –analog-mode true|false, Turn on/off analog controls (game must support it).

Convert to ISO psxperia [d]ecompress [-v|–verbose] output.iso [-v|–verbose] Verbose output from ZPAK output.iso ISO file to generate


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