Kindle 3.X Updater

This is a script that allows you to install the latest Kindle software (3.X) on an older Kindle (Kindle 2 and DX). You need a jailbroken Kindle 3 to obtain the files legally (I will not distribute them) and the Kindle 2/DX must also be jailbroken. Detailed installation instructions are found in README.txt.

This allows the old Kindles to take advantages of new features such as the improved web browser, better PDF support, page numbers, and more.

There are currently two known bugs. Sometimes, the sound gets fuzzy, which makes the music player unusable. I would suggest using the MPlayer script for Kindle to play music. Another bug is that active contents do not work currently. I do not know the cause of this.


  • 2011-05-28:
Version 1.0