This was my final project in my Computer Science class. I decided to do something nobody (in my knowledge) in the world has done. Write a working animated ASCII game in Windows Console with Java. Using Josh, this is a complete game engine with sound, graphics, physics, collision, etc. There is only a test level, because I’m not a level designer and I ran out of time, I hope someone can take this engine and make a complete game or something.

Temporary fix for “invalid memory access” errors

Until I have time to fix it, here’s a temporary fix.

  1. Download DLLs.

  2. Choose the DLL file that corresponds to your Windows version.

  3. Rename that DLL to “JoshCore.dll”

  4. Move that file to your temp folder (Type: %temp% in the address bar)


  • 2010-05-28:


Screen 0

Version 1.0