Please don't let Trump win

To the Trump voter,

I can’t express how much I don’t want to be here right now making a post on American politics. A strong belief I live my life by is to respect other’s views on things and not try to change them as long as it does not harm me. That last point is why I am posting this. If Trump is elected in November, it will hurt me directly along with millions of other Americans. I am not using “hurt” in a hyperbolic way–I’m not talking about taxes, or feelings, or opinions. I am saying that by placing a xenophobe into the highest elected office in the most powerful nation, Trump voters will be responsible for making me, an immigrant, scared of my future. But more than me, I feel scared for my Muslim friends, my Black friends, and my Hispanic friends. If you think I am being dramatic, just listen to the man yourself. Listen to what he has to say about people like us–people he think are outsiders. If you do not agree with his foreign or domestic policies but are voting because of other reasons, that is your choice. But do not do it with a clean conscious. A lot of innocent people will suffer when this man becomes president. Again, I do not mean this as a hyperbole. When Bush was president, the other side complained about the war and how many people suffered. When Obama was president, the other side complained about the economy and how many people suffered. All this partisanship makes us numb to emotional appeals. However, as bad as the Democrats think of Bush or the Republicans think of Obama, neither of these men have made it a campaign promise to directly disenfranchise a good portion of the population. No, we have wasted our words complaining about the Bogeyman we wanted to create and now that the real Bogeyman has come, we are speechless.

Trump is a bully. I know because I have been bullied so often in my life. The bullies never gets to me though. What always gets to me–what always tears me apart inside–are the bully’s followers. It’s not the mean things they say, it’s the laughter that echoes around you. Much of my life is dedicated to reading, video games, and computers. I am proud of that choice to this day. The bully is into flashy objects, pretty girls, and his own superiority. We come from different background and he loath people who are different. I love science, math, the bizarre, and the unknown. The bully is proud of his ignorance. He makes it a point that he hates science. That math is useless. That normal is good and you’re not normal. You’re an outsider and we don’t like you. I aspire to learn and create. The bully aspires to take and destroy. To this day, I wonder why so many people follow the bully. Why so many good and decent people believe what he peddles. Why it is “cool” to be anti-intellectual. Why he always gets what he wants. If you are a follower of my blog, regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity, I think you understand these feelings of frustration at someone who you know is evil but everyone else loves them. Someone who opposes everything you believe in and the world rewards him for it. Please do not let the bully win again.

But what about Clinton? Isn’t she evil too? Aren’t we having to choose between “giant douche” and “turd sandwich”? Let me first say that the only insult you can throw at me worse than calling me a Republican is calling me a Democrat. I completely agree that the American political system is a mess and the differences between the two parties is an illusion. I believe that campaigns are just the puppet-show designed to make the “Fourth Estate” money and the wizard behind the curtain is the American Corporation. That is my political view and is the reason why I usually completely ignore politics. However, it is again a mistake to take this election to be just like any other game of charade. Instead of “giant douche” and “turd sandwich” we have “turd sandwich” and “the possibility of thermo-nuclear war.” As bad as it is to eat a turd sandwich, I would rather do that then die in a megaton of radiation because a guy insulted the president on Twitter. We are taught by the media that false equivalence is the same as neutrality. It’s not. The criticisms against Trump is magnitudes worse than the criticisms against Clinton. However, we are led to believe that both candidates are “controversial” and therefore have a hard decision to make. Let’s actually consider all the main criticisms of Clinton in their worse incarnation and assume these criticisms are completely and absolutely true, then we have someone who:

  • Messed up the security at Benghazi resulting in the loss of several American lives and then lied to cover it up.
  • Took money from big bankers and corporations and the money influenced key policy decisions.
  • Storied confidential emails on a non-secure personal server resulting in national secrets being leaked. Then lied to cover up the mistakes.
  • Always lies and says exactly what people want to hear.

Okay, that’s pretty bad. But now let’s consider just four of over a dozen main criticisms of Trump

  • Has zero experience or knowledge of international policies.
  • Has zero experience of domestic policies and is proud of it. Does not understand how the economy works, making basic mistakes like assuming the country can be run like a company. Also cannot run a company successfully either.
  • Openly incited a foreign power to hack the US and influence the election. Is a pathological liar since he would lie about small, insignificant things like being his own agent.
  • Assuming he tells the truth, he
    • Criticized a judge for his ability to rule fairly based on his race
    • Made fun of a handicapped reporter
    • Disrespects and criticizes war heros, war veterans, and their families
    • Says he could get away with murder
    • etc…

That is just horrendous. So let’s take a score. On one hand, Clinton is accused of screwing up foreign policy. However, it cannot be argued that she has years of experience. If I tell you that you need surgery and can choose between a surgeon who’s graduated from medical school and operated for years but messed up once. Or have the surgery performed a businessman who has never done an operation before but claims that he’s applied band-aids to himself before so he basically has the experience. Who would you choose?

Now let’s say all the critics are right and Clinton makes decisions that benefit the rich more than the working class. At least she knows what she is doing even if you believe it is screwing us over. At least she knows basic things like “I shouldn’t destroy the economy because the rich will suffer as well as the poor.” If, on the other hand, we say “fuck the rich, let’s put a shit throwing monkey in charge of the economy,” then maybe, just maybe the poor will get a better deal. Or, more likely, the economy will be covered in shit. And I’m completely glossing over the fact that Trump doesn’t even know the Constitution well enough to differentiate between articles and amendments. The constitution that he would have to be executing.

What about Clinton’s emails? What’s “bad” about the whole email scandal is that it accuses Clinton of being either irresponsible or malicious. And some argue that the way it’s handled shows that the system is tipped in favor of insiders. Okay, valid point. But on the other hand would you say Trump is responsible and virtuous? That it is responsible to incite a foreign nation to hack our election? That the system is tipped against him, a rich real estate mogul whose parents are also rich real estate moguls? I have minimum respect for a man who has lost more money than I will ever make. It’s not just the pot calling the kettle black. It’s as if the kettle has one dark spot and the pot is covered in soot.

Finally we have the accusation that Clinton is a liar. Regardless of the validity of that claim, I would rather be deceived by a smooth talking con-artist than let an ugly monster do exactly what he says. Okay, you might argue, Trump doesn’t mean exactly what he says. The media spins his words to antagonize him. First of all, Trump does not have a sophisticated repertoire of complex double-meanings and tongue-in-cheek humor. He’s not fucking Nietzsche, who requires hours of close reading to parse a single sentence. Even if he is joking about matters like asking for the assassination his political opponent or about the menstrual cycles of a reporter, that sort of brash, fratty, humor should not represent the nation. Some people criticize Obama for being a “comedian in chief” and that Obama misspeaks and sometimes forgets to mention “God” in a speech and they take issue with how he presents our nation to the world. Well I, for one, would rather have a “comedian in chief” than a “clown in chief.” How can we be taken seriously at a nuclear talk when our leader makes a racist joke? How can we participate in trade deals when our leader would not know what a word means on the treaty? It is one thing for an “outsider” to take office. It is a completely different thing to pick someone off the streets and ask them to run the wealthiest country in the world. Being a “politician” is a dirty word these days, but to be a politician is to have skills of persuasion and diplomacy to convince other parties to act in America’s best interest. In meetings with other world leaders, if you make a comment without thinking or you say something out of anger, it may irreparably damage international relationships. Relationships that, like it or not, is the foundation of our economy as well as our security. Even if you were truly misunderstood, you do not get to hold a press conference clarifying what you meant and all is forgiven. You do not get to cry on Twitter about how the whole world is out to get you. There are certain procedures and protocols that require experience to master, and not following them might damage our reputation to the world–as it already has with this election cycle. It is the opposite of making America great. I would rather elect a skilled liar who can bluff America’s best interest in the international stage than someone who “tells it like it is” and throws a tantrum if the other party fails to be convinced.

If Trump is unelectable and Clinton is the “lesser of two evils,” why not vote for a third party? I have not researched enough into Jill Stein or Gary Johnson to form a proper opinion but I know that they are more likely to take votes away from Clinton than from Trump. In that respect, to stop Trump, it would be more advantageous to vote for Clinton than a third party. Famous computer scientist Scott Aaronson made a proposal for vote swapping third party votes in non-swing states for Clinton votes in swing states. That would help the third party get federal funds while still stopping a maniac from winning office. Lastly, if you decide to protest by not voting, then if Trump wins know that you will be part of the good [wo]men who do nothing.

This last part is for those of you who want to vote Trump just to mix things up. Maybe you believe Trump isn’t the best candidate but fuck it, you’re tired of the system or you’re tired of life and maybe if the world burns, there’ll at least be fireworks. Maybe you think America deserves to reap what it sows? As Stephen King puts it: “Conservatives who for 8 years sowed the dragon’s teeth of partisan politics are horrified to discover they have grown an actual dragon.” I understand this sentiment, I used to be a Nihilist too. If you truly believe this, why aren’t you out in the world setting everything on fire? Because as much as you believe in the Chaotic, part of you is anchored in the Lawful. And while the game may seem dull or even painful now, it is rather immature to flip the board and force everyone to start over. Especially if in doing so, you have to look in your friend’s eyes and tell her “your life is going to be more miserable because I want to watch the world burn.”

All this is to say that you should vote for Clinton. Aaronson claimed that he

unhesitatingly endorses Hillary Clinton for president—and indeed, would continue to endorse Hillary if her next policy position was “eliminate all quantum computing research, except for that aiming to prove NP⊆BQP using D-Wave machines.”

So in a similar fashion, I endorse Hillary Clinton for president. I personally don’t believe she is a liar (more than the healthy dose of lying we expect from politicians) or that she is incompetent or that she is in the pocket if big donors. However, even if she was, I still endorse her because fuck Donald Trump. Fuck him and all that he stands for. I will vote for Hilary Clinton even if her next policy was to “ban all console hacking except to provide support to backup loaders” and claim “the Vita has a 2GHz CPU.”

I hope you hated reading this as much as I hated writing this.

Yifan Lu

P.S: This is the first and only comment I will make on this subject. I will not reply to comments/criticisms here or any other public space except to correct factual mistakes. I will not argue with you about big stupid things like American politics. I will only argue about small stupid things like video game hacking.


  1. Chewing Gum

    As long as you came into the US legally Trump has no reason to touch you. But if you did come to the US in an illegal manner that’s 1) trespassing, 2) illegally crossing another nation’s border and 3) can be accused of espionage.

    The thing is that illegal immigration is bad and illegal immigrants leech of benefits from the legal, and actual, citizens. They take their jobs, their tax money, and sometimes, their lives.

  2. A disgruntled anon

    You’ve downplayed Hillary’s faults and pushed up Trump’s to a ridiculous degree, using scare mongering, emotional pleas and unsourced claims in a shitty attempt to lend your writing credibility. You make me sick, not so much for voting Hillary, lord knows I’d be a very angry man if I hated everyone who did that, but for actually bothering to write all of this that basically boils down to “Don’t vote Trump because he’s a bully :(“. This is fucking Tumblr-tier writing and you know it.

  3. Gaze

    I’m disappointed. You endorse the person behind “Correct The Record.” – The organization that is paid to argue with Trump supporters online. The media is also pushing towards her, I noticed during the DNC when they were covering up the walk out and protests outside. She is 1984: The Candidate.

    I don’t see what you’re hoping for though. The economy is going to crash again (far worse than last time) it is ineVITAble. Prolonging it a few more years is all any president can do at this point.

  4. Filip

    Please don’t let Hillary win! She is even worst then Trump, she is murderer of my people, lair, whore etc. Maybe is Trump bad, but Hillary is worst!

  5. Daystar
    1. The only immigrants that need to worry about the policies he plans to enforce are illegal ones. 2.”Disrespects and criticizes war heros, war veterans, and their families” Trump has always been in defense of war veterans, it’s the regressive left that has been bashing them and disregarding their suffering and accomplishments…

    I really hope this is satire and you’re not honestly telling people to forsake their freedom for a semblance of a “peaceful” life. Hillary will continue doing what Obama started and completely sell out/bury/destroy America.

  6. W.H.

    Thank you, Yifan. As someone on the other side of the planet, the prospect of Trump as the US president is fucking scary, and it’s mind-boggling to see people be so blatantly deaf and blind to everything he says and does. Moreso to see a country whose media will tie itself in a knot just to present both candidates as “equal”.

    When even Auschwitz survivors like Irene Weiss can recognize the very specific brand of hate that Trump parades, it’s time to reel it in. No, I’m not happy to see Hillary as the Democratic nominee, but I’ll take “business as usual” over literal racial hatred and vocal nuclear threats for four years.

  7. Cruel

    Unless you’re in the US illegally, you have no rational reason to fear Trump due to immigration policy. He has never proposed any harmful policies to legal citizens (besides the harmful policies that harm everyone like trade tariffs).

    This post is mostly stupid and is merely showing your preference for the facade of politicians than the unfiltered businessman. I prefer the evil I can see than the lying evil always in hiding.


    For those who thinks that just illegal immigrants will suffer, this is not real what will going to happen. As soon as you start to hate illegal immigrants it start to create the idea that all immigrants are bad! And everyone that doesn’t look or sound like an american are bad. How can you know if someone is legal or illegal? The xenophobia is the problem, and Trump clearly show how he hates everything and everyone that it’s not pure american. He is what you’re looking for, unless you’re racist, xenophobic, a birther and generally stupid.

    You’re not better than anyone else, immigrants, legal or illegal are not here to steal your job and get free money without paying taxes. People like Trump hires illegal immigrants because they want to save money, not to give money to the workers. If you want to get your money back, start to accept shit paid jobs. No american wants to clean a bathroom or scrub pots and ban in the restaurant basement, stop crying about “they stole our jobs!”, it was not your job to start with, it was a vacant spot.

    Work, pay your taxes, pray to your God, but be nice, people deserve respect and to support an horrible, terrible human being will hurt this country more than 4 more years of “Obama”. Remember, the economy was horrible before Obama, you just don’t want to accept that because you can not have a black person smarter and better than you.

    2016 people, just in time to become a better person.


  9. Gen. Hombre

    @DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP this country is literally composed of 99% immigrants you mongoloid how can it possibly become “anti-immigrant”

  10. Guus

    I watched an episode of futurama a month ago, which looked a lot like donald trumps campaign (and what might happen when he wins), it was funny/scary to see and definitely interesting(season 9 episode 3).

    p.s. Just be glad you can still write this article before trump had the chance to call bill gates to shut down the internet (

  11. Treetrunk Johnny

    @Gen. Hombre Well, regarding Trump, I don’t think he’s too far of the mark, but he’s wording it a bit loosely. Me, I don’t know what Trump actually believes in. If he honestly believes torture should be used in war again, and whether he believes absolutely every muslim should be put in a “muslim database” like they were all criminals by default by virtue of their religion. I don’t even know if he cares to reality-check his proposals and statements in light of what the US constitution says. But I do understand that these statements are NOTa “spur of the moment” kind of thing, especially if theres a dime to be made off of it.

    The things he says, the very way he says them, and when he says them makes it clear to me what kind of message he wants to convey and to whom he has chosen to direct it. There are way too many strike-outs on this man for me to consider him innocent, especially when flirting with and making himself seem (within limits of plausible deniability) like a stray acolyte of the far-right. Something which of course gives them publicity and a chance to associate themselves with him and attract new blood into their ranks even should Trump himself chose to remain ambivalent on his relationship to them and the support he would receive from them in turn. His weasel-like ability to shirk away, to just bail-and-reset businesses over and over seems to have been successfully carried over in this present endeavor of his. In this reality-show of an election his brand of crookedness is almost seen as a brand of authenticity in and of itself… ugh.

    I’ve heard Trump say that Clinton is divisive, and then present himself as the anti-thesis of that. I wonder if his model of “unity” is “white unity” in a white ethno-state, like William Johnson of AFP envisions? Johnson, who was drafted (and then eliminated) as a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention. How did that happen? Was this one on Donald Trump, or his campaign staff? Johnson once proposed to repeal the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments, clarifying that: “No person shall be a citizen of the United States unless he is a non-Hispanic white of the European race…Only citizens shall have the right and privilege to reside permanently in the United States.” This all concerns a bit more people than just your illegal immigrants, don’t y’all think? Of course, maybe he doesn’t know all the White Separatist politicians backing him. Maybe he’s just so very open minded about it all he thinks of it as him having “broad appeal”. I personally think Trump would be very pleased if he could make a penny out of this election business and cares not a bit for how it affects the country in terms of racial relations, or otherwise. I mean if all goes to hell he could still make a buck on his brand of “master of dissent” he’s got going on with the alt-right and the Breitbart company and make it all worthwhile anyways.

  12. tmtvl
    • Hillary took bribes from Saudi and Qatari officials
    • But Trump said mean things

    • Hillary lied under oath
    • But Trump said mean things

    And so on.

    Just like how many politicians get elected and then don’t implement many of the changes they promised during their campaign? I think it’s likely Trump’s swagger will be suppressed by the layers around him when he’s president.

    And seriously, who’s gonna start a war against the U.S. because of a tweet? Prolly not Russia, as Putin and Trump are all buddy-buddy.

  13. See, here’s the thing. The left has had plenty of times to listen to the right’s concerns; they just never gave a shit. Mitt Romney, the cuckiest of all the recent candidates from the right, a Mormon who was scared of being called racist, tried to voice the concerns of the traditionalist and got called a Nazi on the Daily Show. I think the Left just lost a game of The Boy who Cried Nazi and now doesn’t want to take responsibility for their actions. It’s hilarious.

  14. Anon

    It’s fucking ridiculous how much of a crowd this post will bring–especially a lot from a certain image board that consistently checks up on you and your blog about vita hacking scene.

    @disgruntled anon Did you just skim through his entire post? Oh wait, don’t even answer to that question. I don’t necessarily believe that he didn’t satisfactorily explain Hilary’s “bad things” compared to Trump’s atrocity, but you’re inseparably arguing for the wrong shit. The guy’s got a list of things about how he’d rather make a coherent choice between the two supposed evil, and you’re here bitching about how he’s appealing to his “supposed naivete”against Trump.

    Whether you’re a supporter of Trump or not, now THAT is some internet meme guy-tier, don’t you think?

  15. J

    I actually like you YifanLu, but this is just tumblr-level trash at its best. I recommend you watch a little documentary titled “Clinton Cash”. And Trump is only against ILLEGAL immigration, as should you. Also, read the Quran, please. It’s nowhere near as peaceful as they make themselves sound.

  16. Treetrunk Johnny

    @tmtvl Supressed by whom, congress? That is assuming congress will look drastically different from now. The conservatives who for years dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to sabotage Pres. Obama would predictably turn into doormats if Trump would be his successor. Unless a collective effort would be made to vote him out of office. I can imagine not everyone in the GOP appreciated how Trump treated his co-runners in the republican party. “Deplorable” is an apt description of such behaviour.

  17. tmtvl

    Johnny, congress is made up by a bunch of people, barely anything makes it through there. Which reminds me, how’s Guantanamo Bay coming along?

  18. Erin

    Reading this, I thought, well, yeah, obviously. Surely no people stupid enough to be the target audience would be reading something cool like this blog. But then I read some of the comments o_O As much as I don’t want to believe the stereotype of loud, dumb Americans, with every internet comment I read that’s getting harder to do :-/

  19. Truthseeker

    Yeah this is pretty dumb and I lost all respect for you. Hillary Clinton is a war criminal, she is the establishment, she has a long trail of blood behind her killing almost everyone who knows too much about her, she kept most of the Haitian aid money that was donated to her foundation to help, she accepts money from foreign countries that hate us. And the only thing you can say about Trump is that he is a bully and don’t like what he says, that’s just childish. Trumps economic and foreign policies are what interests me, I have yet to hear Hillary Clinton state any solid plan besides saying everything will be free and bigger government taxes.

  20. Kill yourself, for real.

    Yifan you’re absolutely dumb. How does he have no experience in the economy? Hes like the best business man, his whole life is business. You’re post infuriates me and all you do is call him a bully. You are literally shilling for Hitlery.

  21. Get Smart America

    For those who say as long as your legal you don’t have anything to worry about you are naive, ignorant, racist, in denial or just plain stupid. No one is going look at my skin tone and assume I’m a U.S. citizen (which I am.) Brown people like me will be having to wear something similar to what the Jews had to do during the Hitler era. Trump isn’t a republican he is a narcissistic sociopathic capitalist that is only looking out for himself and his own family. Which is fine if you want to be a private businessman not the leader of the FREE world. For the working class white American; he would not spit on you if you were on fire. He will do nothing to help you but bring on World War lll and the draft because lord knows none of his family will go or has gone to war. The people that make me the angriest are the Latinos that are voting for him how many racist things does he have to say for you to get hey he is talking about you and your family not those other people. Get Smarter America I would rather vote for Sara Palin something I thought I would never say then Trump. He will get us all blown up over someone calling something not nice cause he doesn’t deserve that!

  22. Stay in School!

    For the person who said kill yourself , for real I hope your a troll or a child because like ur totally mean Kay. Cuz like in ur hero’s words that’s not nice! Oh wait I heard that from a toddler. Morons!

  23. janeForTrump

    You don’t have to look to far. Look at Germany and France. If you don’t want the same mess happening to America, vote for Trump. Democrats are good people but they don’t deal with real issues properly. By the time these issues fester, it’ll be all too late.

    Vote for our great free country! Vote Trump!

  24. aWorriedEarthling

    Yifan, come to germany, you’re also welcome here. Every human has the right to live his live in peace. @janeForTrump: What exactly happened in germany that doesnt happen all over the world and infinite times more often in the US? Most germans are supportive of Merkels decision and do their best to help all those people that fled the war. All that racism happening in germany is coming from a small but loud group, unable to even think and burping right-wing populist shit. Like Trump and all his supporters. Dont feel, use your brain!

    And for everyone worrying clinton will destroy whatever the rest of the world thinks of your country, you are wrong. Its already too late. You are the laughing stock of the world. Everyone asks how dumb and blind the americans can be. The once was “leader of the free world” is now nothing more than the people that vote for their own destruction.

  25. Stef

    @Yifan, I’m “following” you since psp era. I have seen your stance on various circumstances with the hacking scene like big drama and ethics problems. And as far as i can understand a random person through his internet communication, considering my mediocre english I believe you’re a logic and good ethics person.

    I’m from Greece, I know exactly the feeling you have knowing that your future can be decided by the majority of people but you can’t understand why the fuck they (

  26. Adam

    Notice how the people here who support Trump are using such hate-filled,, abusive language – They are proving the point of this intelligent lady: Trump is a bully and so are many of his supporters. He’s united the bullies of the world.

  27. Somebody with a job

    Please God let Trump win. Hillary is a murder, a criminal, and very possibly Satan.

    TRUMP 2016!!!!!

  28. yvonne d

    I am praying he doesn’t win the election. I don’t think there will be a safe place to go anywhere on the planet if he is. I agree with what you said and think we do have to choose between a “‘giant douche’ and ‘turd sandwich’” [south park?].

  29. OrangeClownsScareMe

    Yifan I agree but I am afraid that it won’t matter. I can’t believe that what started out as a joke (the idea of someone like Trump running for president) has snowballed into this nightmare of pending doom for our great Country. Like Hitler rallying the Aryan blonde blue-eyed Nazi’s to assault the Jews, Trump is a con-man who knows the words to incite, unite & empower one group of men by blaming another. Hitler was able to fool & brainwash the Aryan race, even though he was not blond & blue-eyed himself. Trump dons a “good-ol’boy” red baseball cap & spouts & tweets a bunch of racist & sexist remarks & promises, and this entitled billionaire narcissus cons & brainwashes the non-college uneducated white males who blindly believe he cares about them and will somehow be their savior. But that is not who he is. Actions speak louder than words. Trump brags all sorts of outrageous claims - but if we look at his actions - He is full of hot air. This man talks a big talk, but then he doesn’t pay what he promises. He cheats people out of money that he contracted to pay them for good-faith work they did for him; We hear of Lawsuits from builders that he cheated, Class action federal Lawsuits from his now-defunct “University”, sexual lawsuits; He doesn’t pay federal taxes like the rest of us hard working non-billionaire Americans do, and brags it is because “he’s smart”; He is a hypocritical huge offender of outsourcing his products to other countries. (Trump products were manufactured in China, the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Honduras, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam & South Korea) He has never been loyal to the USA, just to himself; He brags of his business skills but all he does is default and has gone bankrupt over ….and over …and over …and over… and over…. Well when the wall never gets built (Trump said that the border would cost $12 billion, when in reality, experts have estimated the 35 to 55-foot wall to cost $25 billion, and after seven years it would exceed that number to maintain it.) and he starts defaulting on his promises like is his nature to do, will America smarten up and see the con? Or will he bankrupt once more….?

  30. Belinda

    Don’t let Hillary win. She is a liar. She will increase taxes. She will not do anything to take care of US citizens. I am an immigrant who became a citizen and I am voting for Trump. He will make America great again, because as of now it is not the greatest country of the world because of Obama. Let the Republican Party rule for 4 years and then we can see if things will be better. If Hillary wins, there will be absolutely no change. We all want change. I bet who ever wrote this haven’t even heard of Hillary’s evil side!!!

  31. Benson

    Guess wisdom and intelligence are two very different things. It almost hurts me to see someone so smart appeal to pure emotions due to being tricked by substandard lies that fall apart as soon as anyone actually pokes at it. Look at the sheer destruction of property the left has done just because someone they don’t like was elected. The left has caused more destruction in the last 2 years than any right leaning group. The most the Tea party did was kill a few fish by dumping some crap off of the side of a ship.

  32. Darius Haarafat

    Economy is booming. Legal migrants are still here kicking. Illegal migrants are being sent away. The wall is being built. Trump invited migrant to use legal way. Hey what a time to be alive

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