Cosmo3DS: The CFW nobody wanted

In the last article, I talked about my plan for creating 3DS mods. Now, I will put that plan to the test with a CFW (modified firmware) that nobody wants except me.

The idea for this CFW is that I want

  • Keep my 3DS on the hackable 9.2 firmware but still use the latest system software (emuNAND)

  • Play games region free right from the home menu

  • Change the system region without possibly bricking the device

  • Use the eShop with region changed systems

and only those things. Specifically, I don’t want to patch signatures that allow for installing pirated content (personal choice, I don’t care what you do). I don’t want threads running in the background to support fancy features such as replacing version strings or taking screenshots or in-game menus. So I created my own CFW in two components: a stripped down version of ReiNAND where everything except emuNAND is removed and an implementation of my custom loader which does all the patches. No threads. No glut.

I understand that I’m the only one who needs such a CFW and most people can make do with one of the ones out there. This is mostly written just for my own use and for me to test out my idea of patching the system. However, I’m happy that my N3DS is now a cosmopolitan.

If you want to use it, you need the CFW as well as the custom loader. Then, the important part is injecting the custom loader into the right FIRM file. (If you search for “reinand 3.1 firmware.bin pastebin” you should be able to find it)


  1. Franky

    The only thing I really want in a CFW is Homebrew access and installing my ripped games to my SD card. I have the self control to not pirate I swearz!

  2. BenoitRen

    Actually, I have a question. I just read that firmware version 10.3 is just as exploitable, so why 9.2?

  3. BenoitRen

    In case someone in the future stumbles upon my question: I asked the same question on Twitter, and Yifan answered that the CFW is for 9.2 because (s)he is on 9.2.

  4. @BenoitRen The ACTUAL reason is because 9.2 is the best firmware to hack your system, as it’s the last version that had a kernel-level exploit (full system control) available (thanks to Cubic Ninja).

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