PS Vita NAND Pinout (Updated)

Since the last post on the eMMC pinout, I found the other two important test points. First is VCCQ, which is the power to the eMMC controller. It needs to be pulled at 1.8V. The other point is VCC, which is the power to the actual NAND flash. It needs to be pulled at 3.3V.

Found on the bottom of the board, above the SoC

Found on the bottom of the board, above the SoC

Found on the bottom of the board, near the multi-connector

Found on the bottom of the board, near the multi-connector

For reference, the pad of the removed eMMC on the second Vita

For reference, the pad of the removed eMMC on the second Vita


  1. Snake

    Yifan Lu, if you get a NAND dump and eventually crack into the native kernel of the vita, people on the vita scene will see you just like they did Dark_Alex all those years ago. You’ll be the next-GEN god of Sony’s PS Vita! Keep it up, you’re doing fantastic!

  2. l will test this point logic analyzer great work. SD port pinout ? ATMEGA168 use

    spi_init mmc_init send CMD0 send dummy clocks send CMD1 send dummy clocks send CMD16 mmc_init end read block 63 receive block block received 0000: 00000000000000000000000000000000 ……………. 0000: 00000000000000000000000000000000 …………….

  3. abdou005

    Yes Yifan Lu is Just Great Person! His work is Amazing. He will hack the Vita. and shut the mouth of those “Fake HAcks ba***rds”…. I believe Yifan Only, Others just go to hell. and it is not Funny.

    Love you Yifan Lu, Keep Up we are with you :D

  4. darkfader

    I’ve bought 7 broken mainboards on eBay. I can try dumping them if they arrive… Btw, does the mainboard boot when daughterboards and display are not connected?

  5. CPUzX

    I understand how difficult it must be to fund everything you’re doing for this project, but I’m sorry that I cannot donate anything towards it. Your progress here is very interesting and incredible already. Your dedication and commitment towards this, everything you’re doing is much appreciated by the whole community. Thank you for actually dedicating yourself towards this, whereas others have just gave up, or aren’t as knowledgeable as you. You’re a lot smarter than you make out to be. (Davee better stop stealing partial bits of information from you) SKFU seems to have realized that people know he’s not really making any real progress.

    And we all know piracy (not just piracy), but emulators and custom apps, plugins and new discoveries will increase vita hardware sales once it’s been natively modded. Not only that, but breaking the boundaries, maxing out clock speed to 2GHz, and so many things I just can’t think about right now, due to it being 1:39am.

    Last gen was the PSP era, and we don’t need to repeat it on the vita. ignorantly put (sorry) Been 2 years… PS4 NAND was cracked in less than 2 weeks or 2 months; though it makes sense, because of the totally different hardware on the PS4 being more similar to a PC.

    Would be awesome if people did pay an equal amount of attention to the Vita.

    This is your progress. You’re the only one who’s actually ‘genuinely’ got this far before, been as kind as to document everything, and give a thorough analysis. Great job; Yifan Lu. You’ve made a major breakthrough of information regarding the vita already. We all support you, but it must be very difficult for most of us to donate; unfortunately. Best of luck.

  6. @CPUzX nice post

    As for the money maybe Yifan could have links (“donation”) with advertisment to get some money from the ones that can’t give actual money..

  7. […] It didn’t take long for Yifan Lu’s investigations to become useful for other hardware hackers! Our community member katsu, guided by Yifan’s precise description of the Vita’s NAND pinouts, was able to hack his PS Vita in order to boot from a previous firmware, technically performing something very similar to a downgrade. Check the video below, it’s cool and full of “electronics porn”, like your favorite cyberpunk movie. Yifan Luさんの調査が他のハードウェアハッカーの役に立つのに、そう長くはかかりませんでした。私達のコミュニティーのメンバーであるkatsuさんは、YifanさんによるVitaのNANDのピンアウトの的確な説明のおかげで、以前のファームウェアから起動するというハックに成功しました。技術的にはダウングレードに非常に近いことを成し遂げています。以下のビデオは、我々のお気に入りのサイバーパンクなムービーのように、かっこよくてエレクトロニクスポルノにあふれています。 […]

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