Update: T-Mobile Proxy released: Free unlimited EDGE internet without any plans (for now)

EDIT: This no longer works. If you have the package installed, I would recommend uninstalling it.

I’ve talked about how it works here. In short, I’ve made a proxy server that adds the string “tmobile” to all URL requests on the iPhone because T-Mobile allows internet access to URLs with “tmobile” in it. You can download the deb and install it manually from here. You can also add the repo /cydia/ to Cydia. This script works for any unlocked iPhone running T-Mobile including prepaid phones. However, I’m not responsible if you abuse this and get charged. Let’s start the countdown. I predict T-Mobile will have this bug fixed in a month.

Please note that it’s only tested and working on one phone. So it’s pretty beta-ish. If it doesn’t work, please post as much info as you can in the comments, so I can fix it up.

Also, I noticed that it doesn’t work on the internet3.voicestream.com APN. I use wap.voicestream.com and it works there. Another thing that breaks this is any “T-Zones $5.99 hack” (which hasn’t worked for a while now) is installed. The problem is that if you already have a proxy set for ip1 (EDGE/3G) interface, then this won’t work. You can’t modify EDGE/3G proxy information from Preferences.app, so if you manually edited your proxy information in preferences.plist, installed a package that did, or installed a mobile config that did revert the changes to use this.

If all else fails, install my configuration profile by going to /cydia/install.mobileconfig from your iPhone and install that configuration profile. It will set the APN and proxy for you.


  1. Jeremy

    what is the proxy’s adress and what port cause when you tether your iphone with the hack, it will not work on your laptop but i could set up the proxy manualy in fireox

  2. Ok, I see the error. I was lazy an put 0 as size. For now, either manually install the deb or wait a day or two for me to find time to fix it. I’ll email you when it’s fixed.

  3. Hayk

    Ok thanks a lot man i appreciate it. Lol u were lazy haha. I wonder how long it will take for tmobile to find out. Btw with this u enter the address u wanna go to right in the address bar rite?

  4. Hayk

    Wait i think i got excited for no reason the only site that loads is this page. All other sites direct to the pay page (and yes i am using the right apn)

  5. I added more information to the post, see if it fixes your error. Also, type in http://localhost:8008/ in your iPhone web browser and see if an error page loads (correct) or the blue connection error box pops up (wrong).

  6. Hayk

    Ok weird thing. I started working. Before (wen it didnt work) i was typing the APNs manually. But just for fun(not even infering to this) i downloaded this carrier bundle type of thing from cydia and it did it for me. And now it works! Hope this wont go wrong

  7. After you install the package from Cydia, Ezie, you can use the internet through EDGE (if all goes right). Just disable Wifi and see if internet works. If not, install my configuration bundle linked above and try again. And the proxy is running on your phone. It’s a Python proxy (Tiny HTTP Proxy) modified to add “tmobile” to all URLs. Since it’s not an external proxy, you won’t lose any speed.

  8. Hayk

    Yea deffinetly install configuration bundle. Before i did, the apps that were supposed to work for free such as weather stocks etc didnt work. Now they do. Bad part->>facebook wont login

  9. Hayk

    No the app duznt but the site also duznt. It says theres an error communicating with the safe proxy server (https). So idk if u can fix that. Btw do u know any apps tht dnt use https as in will work with this

  10. bubble

    However, I’m not responsible if you abuse this and get charged. Can you give us a basic idea of what websites/apps will cause this hack to charge us? Thanks

  11. bubble

    Would the Google Voice app work with this? It sends texts through data but im not sure if it falls under HTTP category

  12. Jov669

    Hayk & Yifan,

    can you detail which carrier bundle needed for T-mobile prepaid?

    I installed Yifan’s proxy, but it doesn;t work, even though if type in http://localhost:8008/ in my iPhone web browser I do see an error page loads.

    Please kindly help. (My iphone 3G on 4.2.1 was unlocked by redsn0w fron DEV_TEAM BLOG)

  13. Jov669


    I tried to install configuration profile by going to http://cydia.yifanlu.com/freeinternet.mobileconfig from my iPhone, but Safari said cannot install it. Could you double check it? If I open the file in a texteditor, I see some strang characters at the begining and end of the file.

  14. pji68

    This worked for me for about 30 sec then i turned my wifi on and back off and it wont work anymore. all I get is the tmobile web2go error.

  15. Anas

    hey, im a bit confused on how this all works. so i install the configuration profile from safaria and thats it? then what do i need to turn on and etc from there? how do i know im not gonna be charged. thanks for the help

  16. Please read the description. You install my cydia package, and if it doesn’t work, also install the configuration (if you don’t know, install both). You won’t be charged unless you already have an Internet plan, but I’m not responsible if you are.

  17. anas

    so do i turn cellular data on? will it work ok if i call tmobile and disable edge first? i dont have a plan but edge still works and i get charged if i use it.

  18. Hayk

    Hey i have a quick question. This has worked for me for a month now and still does. But every once in a while, the E edge icon turns into a highlighted G. What duz this mean and will i get charged?

  19. Hayk

    Hey i need some help. Again. Ok if i dont use the internet for like 5 minutes and then reuse it , it goes to the pay page the first search i make then it works. I trued resetting network settings and reinstalled the configuration file. Neither work

  20. ??

    hey so the facebook app doesnt work, and i cant load facebook on safari, everything else works. please help.

  21. bob

    to “?? “ (above)–> i believe he said that https site/links will not work. This includes those that require login of any sort and are secure, such as facebook. I have been trying to ask him how we can create a http-to-https proxy so that we can get the https links working so you can actually check email and all that….

  22. ??

    to bob: i found a way to make facebook work, u have to google facebook and open up the mobile page. then click on “having trouble logging in”. then if u try logging in it works.

  23. bob

    to “??” -> hmmmm, i tried doing that but im not sure if i completly understand what u said cuz it still didn’t work for me. What did you do after searching “facebook” on google?

  24. ??

    to bob: after searching facebook on google, choose the first thing that comes up. then you will see the login menu, also it should say, “having trouble logging in? click here” (or something like that). choose that option. then you should be able to sign in.

  25. Nelson Nguy

    Hey, I just installed your proxy and I must say that you’ve done an excellent job with the proxy. However, there seems to be a tiny hiccup. There are times when I enter a URL or use the google search but I am directed to the web2go page. However, if I repeat my action the web site loads fine. Why is that?

    And also, is there any way to use your proxy over Android? Just curious.

  26. That’s normal. The iPhone didn’t react fast enough. Also, I don’t have an android phone. If someone gives me one, I can port it.

  27. Nelson Nguy

    The Android SDK contains an android emulator. Is it possible to port the proxy using the emulator?

  28. DrinkMyJizzzzzzz

    I agree when this first came out it worked perfectly now i notice su Things here & there. Facebook used to work now idk? Why it doesnt and now even google mobile doesnt even search anymore i have to choose classic and use the desktop version. Will sites like facebook etc. Work if they werent loaded as the mobile versions of the site?

  29. Hayk

    Hey Yifan. The issue which you referred to as iphone not reacting quick enough was th same problem that i have been having and tried to explain it to you. Is there any way to cure it

  30. Bloosmagoos

    Hang on here…so if I download this, then download an app like textfree with voice, I can have a basic cell phone plan for free?

  31. osito

    does still works?… when i install it from cydia, it empty the APN settings and i have to put wap.voicestram.com manually. its that normal?….. and still it noot working for me. ITS A 3GS on 4.2.1

  32. Bob

    I was wondering, how would one go about creating an https proxy for this? I really want to do this… Anyone interested and know how to do it? I am willing to help….

  33. thi

    Does anyone know if this still works or has it been blocked/fixed? Don’t want to risk getting charged for data XD

  34. Here’s a little hidden gem for those of you who are reading this. I’ve finished the Android version of the T-Mobile free internet proxy. It’s a bit buggy, but it works. Same limitations as the iPhone version, fyi. Haven’t tested on 3G/4G. http://yifan.lu/files/TmobileFreeInternet.apk

  35. janderson

    What would be the easiest way to temporarily disable the proxy? (It seems to interfere with the ability to purchase a one-day web pass.)

  36. Xyberz

    Sorry chief, forgot about it but I sent ya a donation for my gratitude. Keep up the good work! Also would be nice if people would not show others how to do this as most will likely eventually show it on Youtube and then we will completely lose this ability to get free internet.

  37. ???

    hey, this has been working great for me for almost a year so thanks, but just recently i discovered that i can no longer access facebook, even if i use google. it just takes me to the mobile plan page. help please?

  38. macuseri686

    Hi, thanks soooo much for this hack. I use it on my iPhone 3gs and it works GR8.

    I am a developer/designer and was wondering what one would be looking at in order to write a https to http proxy?

    -regards macuseri686

  39. mario

    hi Yifan Lu my edge internet will not work ,i downloaded from you thankyou always will take me to tmobile plans redirects…is it down??

  40. r-dawg

    thank you so much for the edge hack and it works like a dream… but for some reason my textfree app doesn’t detect internet, but on the other hand, my scorecenter app works flawlessly. Why’s this?

  41. mario

    dear Yifan seems like tmobille prepaid minutes internet will not work it always redirects to tmobille plans,if there is quick fix???

  42. Xyberz

    Is there something special you need to do in order for it to work on an Android phone? iPhone is so easy compared to Android or is it down?

  43. George

    is there going to be a edge hack that lets us use all apps because like r-dawg i use textfree and it would be ideal to use it whenever and wherever

  44. Xyberz

    Does the Android one now really work at all? Also I understand you’re doing this for free and my hats off to you man. It’s not easy and I give you props because I know I don’t have the skill to do what you do. Thanks for the hard work.

  45. Macuseri686

    Thanx Yifan, I have been working on getting an http tunnel going :)

    I set up a squid proxy http server on my desktop. I downloaded connect.c and amusing that in conjunction with ssh to tunnel ssh over http. i have a domain name for my ip that includes the word tmobile.

    However, this works over wifi but the connect.c tunnel fails on edge. Would you have any idea why?

  46. Macuseri686

    I got in contact with the people from connect.c . It seems tmobile blocks most of the ports. So I used port 8080 and it worked ! I got ssh over http tunnel :)

    Thanks for all the help :)

    Now all I need to do is some ssh port forwarding!

  47. Macuseri686

    It all works fine.

    Port forwarding works like a charm. I now have access to ANYTHING over edge. Thanks to Yifan Lu.

    I will post a video on my youtube channel on how to’s.

    Thanks again,


  48. mario


  49. Macuseri686

    @mario things to try:

    1. Reboot device
    2. Before it will work, you must turn on mobile data, then put it in airplane mode and then turn airplane off
    3. Install Yifans mobile config

    -regards macuseri686

  50. mario

    thankyou macuseri686 for helping i did all that and still no go ,since i’m on prepayed tmobile they must block something…i also use geavy sim my baseband 04.10.01 since i did airplane on and off i had to start all over agaien because phone is locked to att…thankyou agaien anyway

  51. George


    ive beem cheking your channel but i havent seen a new video on port forwarding. when do you plan on releasing it?

  52. macuseri686

    Sorry, The above link is bad… I had to re-upload it. THIS is the link to use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGizKjLHkgw&feature=colike

  53. Terrific work! This is the kind of info that are meant to be shared across the web. Disgrace on Google for now not positioning this submit upper! Come on over and consult with my web site . Thank you =)

  54. Mohanad

    Hi yifan! Can u please make this package for the middle east carrier country lebanon carrier Alfa the Apn: internet.mic1.com.lb user:mic1 password:mic1 i will b so thanks full if u make it free :)

  55. Nina

    heyy Yi Fan i have a tmobile prepaid iphone 3gs ios 5.0.1 bb 05.16.00 unlocked with ultrasn0w i out internet2.voicestream.com as my api but it still wont work it just brings me to web2go and tells me subscriptions needed wat can i do?

  56. Nina

    nvm i got it :) i still cant go on facebook though… it says it is restricted any ideas about how to fix it?

  57. ken

    Android app works great on gingerbread. Is there any chance it will be updated to work on ICS? It gives an error when the start button is clicked on ICS.

  58. Nina

    crap i updated to 5.1 a few days ago nd it doesnt work anymore…. when i was using 5.0.1 it still works any ideas bout how to fix it?

  59. clement

    Hi Ken how did you get it working???? i have android too on 2.3.4 and its just going to web2go home.

    i installed and started

  60. ken

    I run it on a Captivate. I didn’t have to change anything. It just worked. But when I installed ICS, it stopped working.

  61. clement

    Thanks ken, i have a mytouch 4g 2.3.4 anyway to unblock the firewall??

    can i pm u somehow?

    also tell how you use the app.

  62. Ken

    Just click the start button and it should work. It is slow. To unblock your phone, you will have to ask tmo to unblock your imei. Please share if you actually get them to do it.

  63. ken

    Doesn’t matter if phone is locked. Tmo firewall blocks all tmo phones. To unblock, you usually have to pay them. Or use non tmo phone. Notice, there are no tmo IPhones.

  64. Bill

    ummmmmmmmm my iphone is uodated to 5.1 but when safari uses cellular data it doesnt load any one knows how to fix it??? exact same problem as Nina

  65. ken

    just tested with ICS again and the proxy does work but the automatic setting of the APN is broken. Normally when proxy is started, it will automatically set the correct proxy settings in APN and then when proxy is stopped, it will reset APN proxy settings back to stock. That part is broken in ICS.

    to clement: most likely, the proxy is running perfectly on your phone. But your imei triggers the tmo firewall to block transmissions. Only tmo can unblock that and the only way I know is to pay tmo. and when you stop paying, your imei will be blocked again.

  66. LIndsay

    Did TMobile catch on? It isn’t working for me anymore and a few other people I know, anyone else dealing with this?

  67. macuseri686

    A while ago I posted that tmobile had patched the hack but then it seemed to be reverted. However it seems no tmobile has taken it down for good :( perhaps it will revert though.


  68. mario

    hi…yifan happy easter ,there was upgrade from you through cydia but tmobile still no go only some news from yahoo it be nice to get it back

  69. Maze

    Yifan, thank you for figuring out this hack. I only got to use it for like 4 months but it was great! I wanted to know if you were gonna try and fix it or just abandon the project? thanks!

  70. Maze

    Well I heard they were updating the wap.voicestream.com servers an they are down for a bit, maybe it will still work!

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