ASCIIMan: A Windows Console platformer game written in Java

For my final project in my Computer Science class, I decided to write a game in Windows Console, in Java. It’s hard to appreciate how hard this was unless you REALLY know Java and you REALLY know Windows SDK. I basically wrote a entire game engine complete with collision detection, physics, etc from scratch in Java. I used almost every obscure Java knowledge I have including reflections, JNI, enums, and thread handling. It is really less of a game and more of a technology demo because I can’t design anything. I hope someone else can write a better level (I made it very extendable), and fix collisions (those are the only major “bugs”, otherwise, it’s a fully playable game). Again, this is one of those things where people who don’t know alot about Java won’t think it’s a big accomplishment, but those who do will bow down to this wonderful code. /ego trip

ASCIIMan Project Page

P.S: I updated Josh again, I converted the whole project to NetBeans, my new found love.


  1. Clay

    Hah, I thought that my Tetris was pretty hard, but then I saw this. I mean, Mr. Campbell said that everyone who made Tetris in the past miserably failed at it, and I was the first one to do it right. But a platformer? I would never have thought of making something that complicated…

    Though too bad you made it Windows-only. That kind of defeats the purpose of Java.

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