Update to TweetBot

After a good night’s sleep, I “fixed up” TweetBot. No, the code is still junk, but I made it a bit better. New features:

-Doesn’t crash if no geolocation is found

-Multiple commands separated by period.

-Update shout

-Update Twitter/Facebook

-Removed debug logging (it showed things down a bit)

-Commands that begin with “set” ignores the word “set”, this way your sentences can flow better.

Some new commands:

Set a shout

Status is “I’m shopping”

Update Twitter, facebook, or both

Show twitter

Show facebook

Show twitter and facebook

Multiple commands

Search around me for “best buy”. Set status to “buying a new computer”. Show twitter & facebook. Checkin to result 0.

Remember, you can always throw in extra words outside of quotes. Only the first word, quotes, and (if no quotes), the last word are read.



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