Google Apps User Registration Script

Here’s another one of my famous 3-hour-projects. I finally decided to cleanup my email. It’s too hard to “clean”, so I decided to start from scratch by making a new email account. So, I made a Google Apps account. Google Apps is a great product, but one thing missing is registration for users. (You must make an account manually for your user) So, I decided to make one myself. This PHP script acts as a proxy between you and Google Apps. It allows your users to create their own account with you and your Google Apps. It is composed of a backend and a frontend. The backend does the work of taking your admin credentials and form data from a user and creating an account for the user. The frontend hosts the GUI. I made sure to well-comment the code, so it should be easy to create your own frontend to match the style and code of your site. I’m probity won’t work on this project again, but because it’s released under GNU v3 (as all my projects), you can take it and add on to it.

Google Apps User Registration Script


  1. How do I get this to work on my google site? I am new to this so if you could make it simple by telling me where to go and what to do with the files I would greatly appreciate it.


  2. John

    Cool script. But does it check for existing usernames in the domain? i.e. is already registered and a new user still registers as john.smith

    What’s the error handling/exception for this incidence?


  3. Big Al

    first question, does it still works or google updates to their API broke things?

    another Q, instead of using the admin user/pass why not use API keys for security purposes?

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