Goodbye Habbo!

I love Habbo and I love retros, but again, it was always “legal unless you got caught”. Well, I got caught, and it wasn’t fun. My advice (although I doubt anyone would take it) is to stop also BEFORE you get caught. Don’t think “ah, there’s 1000 other retros, nobody is going to bother about me”. Making retros was a great experience for me and I learned alot from it, but I guess it’s best for myself if I stop. I’ll move to coding more legal stuff. Maybe a hotel from scratch (client,server,site), or maybe I’ll start making iPhone apps. I don’t know. Retros have been sucking my time away anyways, so, although it was sad, it is a load off of me now.

So now, all my projects related to Habbo and retros are retired and will not be updated any farther. PHPRetro is taken over by 0ni of Otaku, so hopefully it won’t die. I hope I can use my time for other projects that are more useful for the general public.

P.S: I’m also retiring two more projects: IPA Manager because it no longer works as was updated to 2.0. Maybe if I have time, I’ll recode IPA Manager from scratch with the new API. I’m also retiring iGradebook as it is blocked & it is useless now because the gradebook can be accessed from the iPhone.


  1. Yifan can i have a part of obbah or something because i always wanted a habbo retro but none of them worked can you email me some holocms stuff or something so i can have a habbo retro =]

    Email: Ok

    Thanx Yifan :)

  2. Dont Leave Yifan You Made The Awesomiest Retros EVER please Stay!!! Well.. Thats All I Got To Say Goodbye For Now Yifan Lu, Hope You Take My Advice And Stay With Habbo Retros!

  3. Hi there Yifan.

    To bad you stopped with Phpretro! It didn’t work for me very well, when I entered my IP at the setup, I get to localhost and it says: http://MYIP/MYIP/MYIP/MYIP/MYIP etc. But I’ll try it soon, a tutorials says I have to change the site in config.php.

    But you’re right, getting caught isn’t fun. How many did it cost you?


    Patrick (RZ=patje007)

  4. Shame you left habbo, i used to go on obbah all time, also had u on msn, ow well… wont be same u not owning or having anything to do with habbo, but why not make somet like habbo, what im in middle of doin.

  5. Hi Yifan I know you no longer do retros or anything but i was making a PHP retro and i looked on ragezone and there is still parts of obbah on it so you might wanna remove em, But i do need help with setting up my holocms wondering if you could give me some pointers ???

    Anyway you might know who i am

    My name was Benny53 in your hotel (obbah) Remember me anyways good luck on whatever you are doing now and if you do make like that thing you said about making a complete new habbo kinda thing E-mail me about it i’d like to have a look. And maybe help with HTML and CSS coding Bye Obbah was good while it lasted but we all want to know how they found out and what they did :D

    Cya Formally known as Ben

    Habbo name: Benny53 (and Obbah name)

    If anyone wants to join my Hamachi Hotel its Cya

  6. Ive gotta add to my last comment…. I have got a project idea for you

    Make on the IPOD Touch ??? that would be good ask them coz they might allow it :D

  7. Yifan … everyone keeps saying how did they find out and what did they do but my big retro got caught and shut down … oh well … sorry about them shutting your’s down for it must have been good! :D if your ever going to give any part of the HoloCMS or PHPretro files or folders them send them to me! :D

  8. Richard

    Dear, Yifan lu I could continue the phpretro due to the FAQ I have fixed the group badges in client and the webpage and 0ni is doing nothing all he is doing is a server please reply back

  9. Yes how do i make phpretro public whatis the point of u making it if u wont tell anyone on the instalation on how to make it public itreall anoys me man

  10. WTF are you talking about? 1) The project is discontinued so even if it were supported, it wouldn’t be any more. 2) if you’re too stupid to use it, save your time an everyone else’s and don’t.

  11. Yeah I know, the making of Retros will ever go on, but yithout you it has changed everything. I think you should be celebrated in the Retroworld. I am going to base parts of my remake on PHPRetro. THANKS Yifanlu…

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