libVitaMTP is a library based off of libMTP that does low level USB communications with the Vita. It can read and recieve MTP commands that the Vita sends, which are a proprietary set of commands that is based on the MTP open standard.

OpenCMA is a frontend that allows the user to transfer games, saves, and media to and from the PlayStation Vita. It makes use of libVitaMTP to communicate with the device and other libraries to intrepet the data sent and recieved. OpenCMA is a command line tool that aims to be an open source replacement to Sony’s offical Content Management Assistant.

More information can be found on the Github page.


  • 2013-05-17: Added wireless device support
    Fixed video titles not showing
    Fixed invalid disk space reporting on Linux
  • 2013-05-06: Removed the need for psp2-updatelist.xml
    Added more help information about usage and behavior
    Fixed HUGE memory leak in sending Vita/backup objects
    Fixed HUGE memory leak in receiving PSP saves
    Fixed a minor memory leak in renaming function
    Fixed crash in Linux systems when sending apps
  • 2013-05-04: Initial binary release.


Additional Information

Project Link
Version: 2.0.0
Released: May 4, 2013
Updated: May 17, 2013

12 thoughts on “VitaMTP

  1. Camilo says:

    Hi there, Thanks a lot for this opencma. I’ve got a question for you, I’ve used the instructions that you give in the blog, however, I have been unable to create the paths, I don’t understand how I must to do it. I’ve done this ” $ opencma paths -p Escritorio/PSVITAFOTOS –v Escritorio/PSM -m Escritorio/PSVITAMUSIC -a Escritorio/PSVITAAPP”, but It didn’t work, What do I must to do?

    Thanks for the help

  2. Camilo says:

    Hi, I just simplified the files,however it apears this text “$ opencma paths -p Escritorio/PSVITAFOTOS –v Escritorio/PSM -m Escritorio/PSVITAMUSIC -a Escritorio/PSVITAAPP
    main: Invalid mode ‘paths’ “, so, this program don’t let me create the paths. Perhaps theres something that I’ve done bad, I don’t know, anyway, it don’t works for me.

    Anyway, thanks for your work and time.

  3. D-9 says:

    Vita wants protocol version 01700010 while we only support 01500010.
    Will you be updating this very useful code?

  4. lenja says:

    hey, i have a question: can you explain me how to install opencma? i click on the link, downloaded the package and install libvitamtp from the software center. but what should i do next? please answer

  5. brades says:

    Vita wants protocol version 01800010 while we only support 01500010. Attempting to continue. Looks like it is close. Any idea how to proceed from this error or stop message?

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