Kindle 3.X Updater

This is a script that allows you to install the latest Kindle software (3.X) on an older Kindle (Kindle 2 and DX). You need a jailbroken Kindle 3 to obtain the files legally (I will not distribute them) and the Kindle 2/DX must also be jailbroken. Detailed installation instructions are found in README.txt.

This allows the old Kindles to take advantages of new features such as the improved web browser, better PDF support, page numbers, and more.

There are currently two known bugs. Sometimes, the sound gets fuzzy, which makes the music player unusable. I would suggest using the MPlayer script for Kindle to play music. Another bug is that active contents do not work currently. I do not know the cause of this.


  • 2011-05-29


Additional Information

Project Link
Version: 1.0
Released: April 1, 2011
Updated: May 29, 2011

20 thoughts on “Kindle 3.X Updater

  1. Nick Datyner says:

    I have a Kindle 3 with 3.3 on it and a DX with 2.5.8. Will the create updater scripts work properly with 3.3? I know you have it as 3.x but I want to check. Also if I have a Kindle without ads can I just go through the procedure (since it doesn’t need to be jailbroken).
    Thanks Nick

  2. Farhaad says:

    I am also interested in whether my Kindle Keyboard with the newest firmware will be able to go onto my DX.. thanks!

  3. Vinicius says:

    hi my host is k3(3.3) also. on step 2,”update software” menu item appears greyed out (disabled) in the client, a kdxg(2.5.8). any help please?

  4. Das says:

    I have Kindle DX Graphite
    In PART 2 it says .. “If your version is not listed, please upgrade the host.” There is no dxg create_updater file. So, what means “upgrade the host” How can I do it? Please help. Thanks

  5. pifv says:

    same problem here… when im trying to update the kindle, on step 2, menu item appears greyed… my kindle is kdxg(2.5.8)… can someone help?

  6. paper2cuts says:

    Thank you sooo much. I’ve updated my kindle DXG from 2.5.8 to 3.2.1 and I am so satisfied. The main new feature is that now I can disable my Kindle from going to sleep. That was so annoying ! Thank you.

  7. I’m too am having the problem with the “Update Kindle” menu item being grayed out. Also, when I plug the Kindle back into the computer and look at the drive, the .bin file has disappeared.

    From so fiddling around, it appears that the .bin file gets deleted when I go into Settings in the Kindle. Before that it’s still there.

  8. More specifically: Going to Settings does not Delete the file. Hitting “Menu” while in Settings deletes the file. The “Update Your Kindle” menu item is actually black for just an instant and then turns gray.

  9. Hi. I have a question. I have Kindle 2 (3g int) and Kindle 3 (3g int). Are there any problems with worldwide 3g on my Kindle 2 if I update it to 3.x firmware?

  10. Peter says:

    wju, I would grateful if you could write me down step-by-step how you managed to update your dx to 3.3 firmware, I have been dealing with the problem since weeks without any luck.
    Many thanks.

  11. [email protected] says:

    In response to: “And if, anyone tried to install 3.4 on top of 3.3 as suggested by Amazon for their Kindle 3 Keyboard official firmware?”

    Back in 2011, yifanlu says (on MobileRead forums):

    “I’m sure most of you know this already, but I just decided to update my Kindle DX from 3.2.1 to 3.3. If you’re running that package found on bay of pirates, all you have to do is download the 3.3 update for any Kindle 3. I’m using the Kindle 3 Wifi+3G update, so the filenames may differ. Use to extract Update_kindle_3.3_B006.bin and decompress it. You’ll now find “Update_525120101-611680021.bin”. Use the update tool to extract that and decompress it. Now you’ll have a bunch of files. Go into the “06” folder and find “update-06-576290015-611680021.bin”. Open that in a hex editor and go to offset 0xC. Change it to 0x02 for K2, 0x03 for K2i, 0x04 for DX, 0x05 for DXi, and 0x09 for DXG. Now copy that update to your Kindle and run it. You might get an error and it’s ok because some of the modem files may be different, but your Kindle will be updated regardless. Someone can make a “premade” package of 3.3 updates, but I don’t have the time.”

    On the same thread, one other person (on p. 41) claims to have upgraded his/her DX to 3.4; though doesn’t explain how.

    I’ve been trying; so far with no results….

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