Goodbye Habbo!

I love Habbo and I love retros, but again, it was always “legal unless you got caught”. Well, I got caught, and it wasn’t fun. My advice (although I doubt anyone would take it) is to stop also BEFORE you get caught. Don’t think “ah, there’s 1000 other retros, nobody is going to bother about me”. Making retros was a great experience for me and I learned alot from it, but I guess it’s best for myself if I stop. I’ll move to coding more legal stuff. Maybe a hotel from scratch (client,server,site), or maybe I’ll start making iPhone apps. I don’t know. Retros have been sucking my time away anyways, so, although it was sad, it is a load off of me now.

So now, all my projects related to Habbo and retros are retired and will not be updated any farther. PHPRetro is taken over by 0ni of Otaku, so hopefully it won’t die. I hope I can use my time for other projects that are more useful for the general public.

P.S: I’m also retiring two more projects: IPA Manager because it no longer works as was updated to 2.0. Maybe if I have time, I’ll recode IPA Manager from scratch with the new API. I’m also retiring iGradebook as it is blocked & it is useless now because the gradebook can be accessed from the iPhone.

My first iPhone app (kind-of)

Well, it took two days to coding, but I finally did it. I made an web-app for the iPhone. The reason I decided to do this was to familiarize myself with advanced aspects of PHP, such as classes, curl, and different sorts of weird functions. I created the KGD (KISD Gradebook Disassembler) from scratch in PHP. What it does is logs in to (where you check grades), and gets to the gradebook page. It parshes the HTML and generates an array of infomation. This array can be sent to other pages for easy creation of stuff based on it. Some other features Idid was cacheing, so it would download the HTML every time, for maximum speed. It also requires NO connection to any database, so it’s very portable and expendable. It may also be one of the cleanest code I’ve ever written and the first one at is object-oriented (to train myself before I get to iPhone SDK programming).  The first thing I did is iGradebook. It is a cool app with an slick UI that allows you to check your grades on the iPhone. Some other things I’m looking into with the KGD core is maybe writing a desktop alert app or an Facebook plugin. If you would like to try it, check out the projects page. Look forward to the KGD core being released under GNU when I’m done. (Oh yea, this only works for KISD students, as that’s the only place I have access to grades)