Welcome to yifan.lu!

When I found out Luxembourg has the same TLD as my last name, I knew I had to get yifan.lu. Don’t worry if you linked to yifanlu.com though, everything redirects to here. I tried to make sure every link on this site is correct, but if I missed any, please make a comment below and let me know. In addition, I created a FeedBurner feed for this blog, just click the button to the right to subscribe to this blog using FeedBurner (get the counter up).

Also, if you have “http://cydia.yifanlu.com/” added on your iPhone, make sure to change it to “http://yifan.lu/cydia/”, the new URL.

Update: T-Mobile Proxy released: Free unlimited EDGE internet without any plans (for now)

EDIT: This no longer works. If you have the package installed, I would recommend uninstalling it.

I’ve talked about how it works here. In short, I’ve made a proxy server that adds the string “tmobile” to all URL requests on the iPhone because T-Mobile allows internet access to URLs with “tmobile” in it. You can download the deb and install it manually from here. You can also add the repo http://yifan.lu/cydia/ to Cydia. This script works for any unlocked iPhone running T-Mobile including prepaid phones. However, I’m not responsible if you abuse this and get charged. Let’s start the countdown. I predict T-Mobile will have this bug fixed in a month.

Please note that it’s only tested and working on one phone. So it’s pretty beta-ish. If it doesn’t work, please post as much info as you can in the comments, so I can fix it up.

Also, I noticed that it doesn’t work on the internet3.voicestream.com APN. I use wap.voicestream.com and it works there. Another thing that breaks this is any “T-Zones $5.99 hack” (which hasn’t worked for a while now) is installed. The problem is that if you already have a proxy set for ip1 (EDGE/3G) interface, then this won’t work. You can’t modify EDGE/3G proxy information from Preferences.app, so if you manually edited your proxy information in preferences.plist, installed a package that did, or installed a mobile config that did revert the changes to use this.

If all else fails, install my configuration profile by going to http://yifan.lu/cydia/install.mobileconfig from your iPhone and install that configuration profile. It will set the APN and proxy for you.