Site Updates + iPhone Support

I finally took some time from my busy schedule and made some changes to the site.

  1. I stopped being cheap and finally bought
  2. Thanks to WPTouch, the site can be viewed on the iPhone & Android with ease
  3. Added a contact form
  4. Made tweaks here and there in the designs, fixed some typos & style errors

Also, quick update: I’m still working on that Facebook app, with all the homework and exams, I barely have any free time, however, here’s some screens on Facebook.

Making a Facebook app…

Little to report right now, but basically I’ve started working on a Facebook app to improve my CSS and Javascript/AJAX skills. Right now, it’s still in the early stages and I have nothing to show yet, but I just have to say it looks pretty awesome and clean (like part of Facebook). Smooth ajax transactions, clean UI, and extreme ease of use are my goals. More to report later.

More information in Facebook.